Vending Stories: Farmer's Day Parade {Episode 2}

After the first vending episode, I decided to attempt the vending thing again but this time at a local festival in a town in my county the Saturday before Thanksgiving.  Turns out that festival was free and less that 10 minutes from my house.  I figured at that rate, it wouldn't make sense not to vend there.

The weather was kind of weird that day.  A definite overcast a cold front that took us all by surprise.  This time, however, I shared a space with a friend who hadn't vended before.  (It was nice to have almost the entire booth space filled.  I always admire those vendors will know how to fill their spaces well.)  We set up not too early, but we had to get ahead of the parade crowd.  Now as this was the Farmer's Day Parade, it wasn't your typical parade.  It's very common to see the local school groups and lots of John Deere tractors.  This parade is the culmination of an entire week celebrating farmers.

Lots of contacts were made.  Saw many of the students I taught in that town for so many years.  But at the end of the day, I sold one thing!  LOL  I even did something different - I advertised mini photography sessions just in time for the holidays.  Lots of interest expressed, but to-date, I haven't heard back from anyone.  But, I'm optimistic.

Would I vend here again?  Absolutely!  Going back to the previous episode, you really have to know the audience to know if what you have to offer is something they are willing to purchase.  If not, then it's okay to choose a better suited venue.  But I'd do this event even if it was to chat it up with the locals.

What I did have a chance to do was to advertise that I would be at the next upcoming event in my area in the following weeks.  Free advertisement.  My mom came out and bought a lot of handmade gifts for Christmas.  It's the perfect time for things of that nature.

p.s.  Stay tuned for the upcoming Vending Story #3.

Happy Crafting,

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  1. Another great experience! Being so close to home, this one sounds great for making local contacts. You could receive a phone call for a photo session from this event!

  2. I really enjoyed sharing your space and your expertise!!

  3. I really enjoyed sharing your space and your expertise!!

  4. I've never done a craft fair before, but I have always wanted to. Your space looks great, though! I'm working on my "niche" project/items though, too.. it's such a hard/weird process to figure it out!

    -Bonnie @ Revolutionaries


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