Monday's Feature: R. Shanea Williams

Meet R. Shanea Williams.

AE:  Who are you and what is it that you do/make?    
RSW:   My name is R. Shanea Williams.  I am a filmmaker, writer, poet, artist. But primarily a filmmaker which emerged from the culmination of being a poet, writer, artist.I was born an artist, constantly drawing and making things. Then I discovered the pen and the blank page and my passion to tell stories. Filmmaking became the most appropriate and exciting frame to create those stories within.

AE:  How did you get started/What is the motivation behind your work?  
RSWWell, I graduated from NYU's Tisch School of Arts with a Master's Degree in Dramatic Writing. Screenwriting was my concentration. I always knew I wanted to direct, it was just a means of finding the right project and people to work with.

For this particular short film, I recently wrote and directed this year, titled "Contamination", my motivation was to create a complex  African -American female protagonist in a story that we have yet to see on screen. I felt a short film about OCD would be challenging and very interesting to explore.

All my work is motivated by my desire to see African Americans, especially African American women, portrayed as intriguing, multi-layered characters.

AE:  Where can we find your work? 
RSW"Contamination" will be traveling the festival circuit next year. But you can view the teaser here

AE:  What is your website/contact information? 

I have known R. Shanea Williams my entire life, and I can attest that she has always been a writer.  I'm excited to see her fulfilling her dreams and having the opportunity to share with others the "stories" that have been longing to come forth.  I'm looking forward to see her latest film, "Contamination." 

Peace & Love,

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  1. I hope Contamination is a huge success for her!

  2. wow :) what a big goals!!
    Thanks for sharing this interview. She must be talented lady!
    Anyway, been praying for you my friend.



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