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As you know, normally, we attend church on Christmas morning, but this year my local church didn't have a service, so we left for grandma's house a day early.  My mom and I shared a bed in the purple room, and even though she stayed up late trying to watch the end of what was most likely a movie in a long series of Christmas movies, she still found a church in town that was open and attended the 8:00 a.m. service with her uncle.  There's something magical about the bed in the purple room, or perhaps it's just being at grandma's that makes me not want to get out of bed.  Even when I can hear the sound of bedroom shoes shuffling across the wood floors, the chatter of the early risers in the kitchen, and the scent of breakfast wafting through the house.  I just keep sleeping.

This year, I did break a record and get up not long after 8 a.m.  Yes, all the family was shocked.  I left the late sleeping to my college-age cousin who arrived the night before as well.  My uncle was up to his favorite thing, cooking.  He even made me a fresh coffee.  And I could start a knitting project in peace.  I made sure he knew that he was spoiling me.  Why can't I meet a guy like this, I joked.  He quickly informed me that he broke the mold when he was made. *bah dum bum*

And that's when the series of jokes and oddities began.  Or maybe it was after my aunt declared that my grandpa's ghost comes to visit and maybe he would visit on Christmas.  ???  Or maybe it was when grandma cooked the turkey that got done 30 minutes too soon and she declared, "I don't know what they're feeding these turkeys.  They cook too fast these days."  But at any rate, the jokes began.

My aunt kept commenting that I had started "spreading" (which just means your hips/behind/thighs
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have gotten larger since the last time they saw you) and my comeback was that I was glad that I didn't have a complex or I wouldn't survive this family.  They're genetic, I told her.  Then my uncle chimed in with this:
There were these ugly children and people kept wondering where they came from.  This man said, "I don't know.  Follow them home and see who answers the door!"

After a series of those barbershop jokes, my uncle was off on his merry way.  And the rest of Christmas was spent with a house full of ladies.  3 generations of them.

Of course we had our Christmas dinner, followed by visits to other family in town, and finally all of us cramming into a few seats in the den watching Alex Haley's "Queen".  And then we called it a night.

I'm not sure if grandpa's ghost came to visit this year, or if that was some sort of joke.  I'm almost afraid to ask, but I do know this...I love my family, corny jokes and all!

Happy Holidays,

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  1. Sounds like a wonderful time at Christmas! Especially spending it at Grandma's house! And the food looks TO DIE FOR GOOD! Happy New Year!

  2. that's what I consider "having a blast". Sound like it was a fantastic day for you with family

  3. Glad that you all had a great christmas and as usual those photos make me hungry. Great shots.

  4. An absolute perfect Christmas day if you ask me. The best!!!! The food looks so yummy!

  5. HI Libby!
    I just love reading about your family...It always gives me the same feelings I had as a little girl reading little house on the prairie, cozy and warm! I'm so happy that you had a wonderful holiday season...I know it's been a tough year.

  6. What a wonderful Christmas you had! Look at those food pictures!
    Your family is such a blessing - you guys even have your own ghost! ;-)
    I love reading your posts.


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