Christmas Stories - the Adventures of Christmas Eve

If you've been following my blog for a little while, you know the typical schedule of events for Thanksgiving, Christmas, and New Year's.   Well, this year, I want to give you a different glimpse of what is my family.  Hope you enjoy!

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For the first time in quite some while, we were able to spend Christmas Eve with my grandma.  We had planned to get there earlier in the day, but on Monday, after a million pies were made and presents wrapped,  my Mom's back decided to say, "I quit!" and so she resigned herself to the bed with a muscle relaxant and a tube of Biofreeze.  So, Tuesday, Christmas Eve, was a slow go to say the least, but we finally made the almost 4 hour drive to grandma's.

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There are a few places we always stop on the way to Grandma's.  One being, this gas station called "Big Jim's."  They serve all kinds of foods from chicken livers and gizzards to hot dogs to collard greens to deep fried peanuts and peach cobbler.  Oh yeah, and you can buy gas for your car.  Big Jim's.  Kind of a place for everything.  And yes, we stop there every single time.  It's tradition.  When we almost arrive at my grandma's, we usually stop at Chinese Restaurant No. 1 to get a container of iced tea.  It's really good.  But this time my uncle said they changed management and so my mom didn't want to waste her $2 to see if the tea recipe had changed, so instead we pulled right out of the parking space and headed to grandma's.  Finally getting there around 6 p.m.

There's always lot of hugs and kisses as you squeeze through the small doorways with your piles of luggage and bags on your arms.  Literally knocking stuff over with all that stuff, but we do it every time.  First hugs and kisses to my aunt who is always sitting by the door, and then to my grandma who is always coming from inside the kitchen.  And there's always some food on the stove, waiting for your arrival.  This time there were hotdogs with homemade turkey chili, courtesy of my uncle, and the beginnings of the fixings for Christmas Day.

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Now by the time we arrived to grandma's house, the heat in my car decided to stop working and the air in one of my tires was low, so my uncle and I drove through town trying to find a gas station that also had air.  We finally found one.  Now I'll be honest and say that I've never actually put air in my tire, and I went to learn, but my uncle did all the work, while complaining that air should not cost $1.00!  I remember when air was free...  What I did do was use the assistive light feature on my cell phone as a substitute for the flash light I didn't have.  Need to put that on my list come to think of it.

So after we returned to Grandma's with a dollar's worth of air, a full tank of gas, and still no heat, we dined on hotdogs, a Lifetime movie, and then I resigned myself to bed.  In the purple room.  (All of the rooms in my Grandma's house are painted a solid color and we have all referred to the room by its wall color.)

And that was Christmas Eve.

Stay tuned for the Adventures of Christmas Day on tomorrow.  :-)

Happy Holidays,

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  1. A little late for the holidays so have a happy new year.

  2. The annual road trip must be so fun with traditional stops! Christmas Eve sounds perfect being relaxing with family. I pump my own tires. My new car has a light that goes off when the tires are getting low! So cool. Putting $1 air in the tires is not something I enjoy but I do it to keep the tires healthy.

  3. What a perfect start to Christmas! Sounds like so many I had when I was little. Everyone trying to get in all at once, trying not to get trampled amongst all the hugs and kisses from all your Aunties. Beautiful memories!!! And deep fried peanuts. I've never had those but man did I live on boiled peanuts when I grew up in SC. That is some eating!!! :)


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