Celebrating The Life to Come

Recently I was able to attend a baby shower for a very special one who's due to make her mark in the world later this month.  The shower was held in a quaint clubhouse behind the home of the hostess.  Let me say this, this baby shower was well planned and super fun to attend and photograph.

Delicious home-cooked food.  Unique shower favors.  Games galore.  Gifts for days.

This baby is sure to be born into a family full of love and who's waiting for her arrival.  All of her future outfits are already laid out.  :-)

Happy Shooting,

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  1. How fun! Everything looks beautiful and the cake looks delicious!!!

  2. Love all the colors! Great job. They had a lot fun things to photograph.

  3. Did the guest sign the onesie? Such a cute idea! What did the letters on the glasses stand for? The cake looks delicious! My daughter is expecting her 1st; due in March. It will be the first baby shower I'll help plan in a very long time! Need ideas!! Great post!

    1. The letters were for the first initial of the guest. That's why they needed to RSVP. The white part of the cake had pink baby feet on it. I hope you have a great time at the baby shower you're planning.

    2. Oh yes and they had different onesies going around. The guests signed one and then there were others where the guests with children wrote pieces of advice on them.

  4. Wow! The baby shower party decoration is magically beautiful. I wondering did you also decorate it? :) the foods are so very inviting.
    Thanks for sharing!

  5. What a party! We don't have these here -- just give presents to the future mom before or after the baby is born. I'd love to attend one of these.

  6. beautiful!! you are getting so much experience in the "baby" arena.

  7. So Beautiful and love this color.Beautiful pictures! That cake looks amazing.Thank you for sharing.


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