Stuffed Sweet Potato with Black Beans and Kale {Recipe}

I've been on the prowl for a new set of recipes, and I'm so glad I stumbled across this one for Savory Stuffed Sweet Potato with White Beans and Kale...except I didn't have any white beans and I really wasn't feeling the flavor of rosemary, so I scrolled down to the comments and saw a suggestion for Whole Food's Chipotle-Orange Black Beans instead of the white beans and while on the Whole Foods' site, I stumbled across another alternative for how to cook the kale.  It was for Kenyan-Style Kale and Tomatoes.  Oooohhh!

I couldn't wait to try it.  Really I couldn't.  Plus, I love recipes where I don't need to purchase almost anything to make it happen.

Long story short, I baked 3 small sweet potatoes on 400 degrees F for a little over an hour.  (Don't forget to poke holes in those things before you bake them.  I wrapped mine individually in aluminum foil before placing them on a baking sheet because sometimes they leak out and burn.  And no need for butter here.  IMO.)

Meanwhile, on one stove eye I made the Chipotle-Orange Black Beans (minus the addition of cilantro and queso fresco.)  On the other, I made the Kenyan-Style Kale and Tomatoes (minus the jalapeno since the black beans had chipotle and instead of lemon juice I used the rest of the orange juice from the beans.)  I also have this thing about totally cooking greens.  I prefer my kale cooked all the way, thank you, so it took a bit longer.

For all concerned parties, this dish is dairy free, gluten free, vegan, vegetarian, sugar conscious, and wheat free.

If I could ask for anything else, it would be a better picture to show you what this dish is all about.  But unfortunately, that's the downside of weeknight cooking in the fall months where the sun sets so early.  So I did what I could with my cell phone.

Double Yums!

Bon Appetit,

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  1. This looks delicious Libby!!! Kale is a veggie we never seem to cook so we well have to try this! Those beans sound tasty. I think it is time to make a trip to Whole Foods! I tend to shop at the least expensive grocery store around for obvious reasons. :)

  2. I was way far off!! I was think something sweet but I do love savory even more I definitely have to try this! It's making my mouthwater now I am so hungry for carbs!

  3. this is a unique, branch off kind of weet potato recipe. It looks delicious


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