As you know, I love vibrant fabrics.  Many fabrics of this nature are full of dye; so, prewashing these fabrics is not optional.  What I've learned through trial and error and from talking with people who use vibrant fabrics a lot, is that machine washing is a no-no.  Trust me.  I have ruined many a fabric because the fabric laid on itself in the machine in a way that the dyes overlapped and I got smudges.  So hand-washing it is.

I do love the peacefulness of sewing, but I strongly dislike doing all the prep work that's required on the same day as the actual sewing.  When it's time to sew, that's all I want to do.  Take a look inside my most recent preparation of fabrics.

Meet the lovely batiks...

Next step:  ironing all of these beautiful fabrics!  (Already done.)

Happy Sewing,

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  1. The fabrics are beautiful Libby! I have to agree about prep work for any project. I wish we could wave a wand to get everything ready. Then there is the clean up involved!

  2. These are the ones your Indian friend gifted you ? They are absolutely splendid :)

  3. Those fabrics are gorgeous Libby! I'm with you, the prep work stinks. :)

  4. Washing and ironing? That makes me run away from sewing even more! I already dislike waving in ends and blocking after knitting. Why crafts can't be easier? *a lazy woman said* ;-)

  5. Those fabrics are beautiful! Hand washing definitely seems worth it when you're done and all their vibrancy has been kept's is one of those things that people always seem to procrastinate on, which just delays sewing fun :( Also, why does it seem that ladies have more hand washing to do than men?!

  6. Wow..this is just surprised that you also know Batik fabric? :)
    Well, mom also does the same thing for sewing.
    Anyway, thank you for visiting me lately. It was hard to me to catch up with everyone on the blog. but I'm glad I can visit you today.
    Thank you for the beautiful comments. I enjoy to read each one of them.
    Blessing to you friend.

  7. Libby I love the vibrant colors of the fabric. Great shots.

  8. Beautiful fabrics! I always hate to wash and iron fabric before I can use it, but I have had a few things shrink when I skipped this step, so I know it's important.


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