Lavandula, from the Latin root, lavare, which means "to wash".
To actually be able to experience this...
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or even to see a field of lavender, would be a dream come true!
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Lavender has been around for over 2,500 years.  The Romans used it, as well as the Egyptians, the Phoenicians, and the people of Arabia, so there must be something pretty special about this herb.

Beyond it's beautiful color and soothing scent, there are just so many wonderful uses for lavender.  Let's discuss a few:

Lavender Essential Oil
  • antifungal
  • antiseptic
  • can be used to treat anxiety, restlessness, and insomnia
* Please be mindful when using essential oils as most of them need to be incorporated into a carrier oil and should not be applied directly to the skin.

Body Products
Coconut & Lavender Body Scrub

Lavender Shortbread by The Style Box

There are so many more wonderful uses for lavender!  So, what about you.  How do you feel about lavender?

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To Lavender!

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  1. I adore lavender - such a gorgeous plant, dried flower and scent!

  2. The photos are stunning! I would love the tour the countryside of France one day and visit a lavender field. Dreams! I should try lavender oil for my anxiety which is crazy. I refuse to take medication so I am always finding new ways to keep my anxiety in check.

  3. I love Lavender. It always calms me whenever I'm around it. Who wouldn't want to be surrounded by it out in the fresh air. :)

  4. lovely post! i could swear i smelled a bit of lavender in the air while looking at the beautiful pictures~

    have a wonderful week~


  5. I agree beautiful photos! I like the lavender scent. Just not too much of it. I would rather have the plant.

  6. I tend to steer clear of lavender scented fragrances, lotions, soap, etc. But I do love them as a plant and have one in my yard. I'm hoping it gets nice and full next spring.

  7. I have three pots of lavender at home, this is the first year I've had them! planted them as tiny baby plants and now one is a big bush, the other two haven't grown as much :S but it's already beginning to flower!!!!

  8. oh my thank you so much for this!
    I move into a new apartment on Friday and am always looking for fun things to do like this for my places!
    thank you so so so much!
    I love your blog!
    you are so beautiful!

    have a wonderful night and also a fabulous halloween!

    Much love,

    p.s. feel free to check out my blog if you like ;)


    or if that link doesn't work, ;)


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