Adding Color to My Life, One Door at a Time

I love color.  You may not always be able to tell by my attire or my home, but I do love color.  I broke free from the "curse of the neutral home" when I painted my kitchen walls terra cotta and the cabinets sunrise yellow and avocado green.

Then again when I scraped off that wall paper in my formal living room, and painted those off white walls shadow green and cooled lava when I turned that space into a craft room.

All summer I was itching for a new paint project; one that wouldn't take forever and a day to finish since if you recall, I was preoccupied with trying to be an organic gardener.  So, one day after work I scooted over to Lowes and made the paint purchase.

Pantone Universe - "Peacock Blue"
Finally, on a Friday afternoon, I began the process of transforming this white door into something that would add a little more pizazz to my super regular house.

You also see that I had some nasty cobwebs to clean off as well!  So, I spent one Saturday washing down the front of my house and spraying for bugs around the windows, door, and the foundation of the house.  Once that was all dry and I had successfully survived running away from some wasps, I could paint my door.

I plan to add a fall wreath on the door when I get a chance.  I have some old cinnamon pinecones that could really stand to be upcycled!

Happy Crafting,

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  1. Beautiful colour! I love the matching mat too, great job Libby!

  2. Great job!! I like the color it's bright and cherry and plays well with the white! I also like the hardy mums so beautiful!!

  3. LOVE the color!! And the door mat to match! Great job!!!

  4. Wow! What a transformation! I love the color you chose. The door mat is a perfect match! I am guessing you are like me not using the front door and letting the cobwebs grow. From time to time I notice something on my front steps (like a phone book) that looks like it has been there for weeks. Cobwebs too!

  5. Lovely! You have an eye for colors. Now you have to use it more often so you can enjoy your "new" door. ;-)

  6. You picked a beautiful color Libby! The entire front area will look great for your upcoming guests. :)

  7. Beautiful! I saw the colour you picked and thought, that is really going to look gorgeous! Your flowers look lovely beside it. P.S. Please forgive my infrequent visits too -- I quite forgot what a handful a baby is lol *hugs*

  8. Wow, what a big-beautiful difference the new color makes. I love it against your white house. Your door mat and planters are gorgeous too!

  9. It looks fantastic!!! It is such a beautiful color

  10. I LOVE it! What a vibrant shot of color! So cheerful and fun!

  11. I love the color you picked! It makes your entrance pop!!!!! I can imagine how great it will look with the wreath on! (love the mat too! and your flower pot!)

  12. I looooove that color!! Omg so pretty! Thanks for sharing the link. You have a new follower:)


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