Project Make Me Over - The Beginnings of a Bedroom Makeover

If you've followed this blog for a while, it's no secret that I move through my home decorating projects kind of slowly.  Yes, I admitted it.  I also am the type to mentally move from project to project, although in real life I rarely do that.  That mental attribute slows me down at times.  But, besides finding nearly everything on sale or in thrift/consignment shops, I think the biggest challenge in most cases has been simply deciding what I want in the space.

A while back, I took this online decorating survey which basically told me that my design style was "Funky Eclectic."  (If you'd like to take this assessment, click here.)  So basically, here's the summation of what the "Funky Eclectic" person likes:

Your style is Funky Eclectic.

Anything goes. You don't like matching anything. You have bought or obtain furniture very discriminately. You only have in your home what you truly enjoy. You like a variety of prints and textures but you usually have the artist's eye that makes it work well together. You have old and new furniture and accessories. You may collect and display items no one has heard of. When you entertain, you mix a wide range of people - the more diverse, the more entertaining. Some people just don't get your style but you really don't care. You may have grown up in a traditionally decorated house and now you want anything but traditional in your home. Your decorating challenge is to pull all your belongings into a cohesive look while keeping your eclectic style.

Because there's no real particular style, just mixing and matching along the way, it takes some time to get it together.  I know styles I really love, but there's not one space in my home where I want it to be completely engulfed in that style.  Maybe I just like the color palette, or some textures, but then I like other things in other styles as well.

So, enter "Project Make Me Over."  I have been looking at this one bedroom for years without a clue as to how I want to decorate it.  I've mentioned this before and still I've gotten no farther.  So what I did is this:  I cleaned it up and cleaned it out.  That was all.  And that was enough.

The bed was a housewarming gift.  The afghan was also (from the woman who taught me to crochet). My parents gave me that comforter set, but with these high mattresses, a queen is still not enough.  Too much brown.
This is the only furniture that's been in this room for the last 8 years.  Shameful I know.  But I couldn't stand the idea of spending money on random stuff.  Needless to say, no curtains...yet.  Drives my mom insane.
Yes, I have total ownership of the his and her closets.  I donated all the clothes that weren't being worn and served me no purpose.  Lots of stuff went because I also refuse to use my dresser. (See below)
Had this dresser before the bed was in the picture.  I always knew I would refinish it.  Now that I've decided on it's new function, I had to clean it out and make sure I had no need for its storage components.  So every article of clothes I own basically is in the closets and in some under-bed storage containers.

Now I feel like I can have a clean space; a blank slate of sorts to think about what to do in there.  In this space, I want to feel like I've escaped from my everyday life.  I want to feel relaxed.  Like I'm on vacation.  I like the idea of the exotic.  Yet I want nothing too feminine or masculine or gaudy.  Just peaceful and colorful.

I like African textures; Indian and Moroccan color palettes.  I want only 2 other pieces of furniture besides the bed - an armoire of sorts that I can paint in a contrasting color (it would be really cool in rattan) and a table/chair set.  My mom says that every room should have at least one chair.

Now please help me.  I'm pinning things that interest me, but if you are on Pinterest and find things you think might work for me, I don't mind you sending me the pin.  Pinterest is now cool like that.  

{Blog Series:  September 9 - September 13, 2013}
Happy Decorating,

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  1. Hey Libby, if (and that's a big if!) you want inexpensive drapes try Ikea. I put drapes on the window in my den for a total of $25. I bought an inexpensive rod & clips and then the twin size Indira bedspread in dark blue. It totally darkens the room when the drapes are closed. I didn't bother shortening or cutting the bedspread into two pieces. I just have it
    pulled to one side during the day. It looks fabulous and so cheap! um I mean inexpensive! :) Can't wait to see what you come up with. Have a great day!

  2. Ah Libby I love the crochet you made. It's so lovely and suit your bed.
    and It's always good to decorating room with our style and just like you said " escape room" :)
    I love you've shared you ideas your ideas about decorating. Thank you. It has insired me to change little things here.


  3. I remember when you took that test because I took it too and it said I was Victorian. lol Too much lace I guess. ;-)
    I love your bed and dresser and totally agree with your mom -- no curtains in 8 years! Right now I don't have any good idea for your bedroom makeover but I'll remember from now on to pin everything I see that I think could match your idea.

  4. I can see you being like that...and I mean it in a very good way. I am really excited to see what you will do in this room. So hurry up :)

  5. Great project Libby! I can't wait to see how this turns out. I'm with your mom get some curtains asap!

  6. Is this your room Libby? If so I would so go looking for that elephant fabric you were talking about before and start with it. That was some really great fabric! :)


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