My Craft Room Reveal

You've been with me on this journey for quite some time.  Over a year in fact.  And now I'm ready to show you my craft room makeover reveal.

In the beginning, if you recall, I started out with white walls and burgundy and green striped wall paper because I was going for that formal living room look. 

Then, I decided to transform my formal living room space into a craft room...without actually transforming it.  That didn't work.  At. All.

Finally I decided to break free of the traditional mold and do something that was totally me.  Now I feel I can breathe in this space.  I can do a happy dance in this space.  But most importantly, I can finally create in this space.

Now onto the reveal!

3 green walls...

 ...and 1 black wall to accent my photography

Storage Cubbies (ClosetMaid from Staples)

The bins (ClosetMaid, Big Lots, and a gift) house yarn, sorted by color

My two dress forms, Desiree (Robert Ham) and Fifi (Kirkland's)

A magnetic board (Wal-Mart) and two magnetic knife holders with magnetic spice holders (IKEA) containing craft supplies

My 6' center-fold craft table (Lowe's) with silver decals (Dollar Tree)

Finally found the perfect chair (Habitat Restore - $5, y'all!) to be reupholstered

My refinished chest of drawers (click here and here for the makeover tutorials) to house fabrics

An inspirational quote (Dollar Tree)

Glass jars (Ross) to house all kinds of beads and such

And again, my completed craft room (which you know is never really complete - lol)

To read more on my craft room makeover, check out the previous posts.  If you're interested in seeing my craftroom makeover videos, check out this playlist.  A video reveal will be forthcoming.

Paint Colors:  Better Homes and Garden - Shadow Green (3 walls), Crisp Linen (trim); Valspar Cooled Lava (1 wall), Ceiling White (ceiling); Kilz (primer for latex)*

*Normally I would get the paint/primer combined but I bought a 5 gallon bucket of this paint when I redid my kitchen and I refuse to let it go to waste.  Using a white primer meant having to paint the colored walls (especially the black one) several times.

I mixed my paint at Lowe's and and used Valspar paint.

I breathed a huge sigh of relief when I finished this project.  But I haven't wasted any time starting on the next room makeover.  I don't think this one will take as long... *fingers crossed*

I hope you enjoyed my craft room reveal.  Thank you so much for staying on this journey with me!

Happy Crafting,

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  1. I think it has turned out super awesome! The best part is that you feel good in there. You used so many cute things to organize and pull everything together. I think your new space is happy with all the changes also. :)

  2. Oh, Libby, I think your craft room has turned out beautifully! It looks so spacious and that wood floor is gorgeous!

  3. I love your craft room! I wish mine was as nice; it's giving me inspiration to start organizing my studio. I currently cannot find anything! :-) Thanks for sharing!

  4. It looks fantastic! I'm sure it is a great space in which to work and be creative. I love the black wall...must make it so much easier for photography.
    Take care,

  5. It totally fits your personality!! it looks so inviting and crative. Happy crafting in there!!

  6. Your new room looks great. Wonderful job. I love the green walls, great touch.
    Thanks for sharing at our Thursday Favorite Things Blog Hop.

  7. The room looks cozy and beautiful :)
    I love the two chosen colors and all organizing stuff and how you store it just beautiful.I have wanted to have craaft room. Someday hopefully.

    your dress also is lovely.


  8. It looks so good I feel like living in it! You know those green walls make my heart throb in happiness, what a beautiful colour. Adding the black wall to contrast and separate the photography section of the room was such a great idea. I am interested in those magnetic boards on the wall. Can you believe I never went to IKEA? "Blessings" of not having a driving license. ;-)

    By the way, the chest of drawers tutorial links are missing. Ah! I can't wait to see what you plan for the next room! And what kind of fabric are you going to choose for that chair? I can't wait! I can't wait!

  9. Wow, this looks amazing! Very fun color choices. It looks like a lot of creative creations are going to happen here. I'm in NC by the way for another week if you would like to get together for lunch or something!

  10. What a coo room,it is inspiring, organzed and funtional, great job!

  11. Wow Wow WOW!!!!!!! So beautiful and functional!!! It was a long time coming, but definitely well worth the wait!! xo

  12. This looks like a great space! It is definitely important to have an inspiring place to work!

  13. Love it! Wishing you many, many days of happy crafting in your lovely space!

  14. It looks great! Everything is so organized, that always makes it easier to craft :) I love that stand you have your yarn on. It's such a cute way to display it.

  15. *deep sigh of amazement/envy*

    That looks more fun and inviting than Disneyland!


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