How I Organize My Decorating Ideas

The last two days we've shared posts on how to give your bedroom a glam and stylish makeover and how to add color to a room without painting the walls.  I'm always looking at color schemes, textures, and other decorating ideas, whether it be online or in magazines (even when those magazines have nothing to do with home decor).  In essence, I'm looking for ideas everywhere!

I used to keep a 3-ring binder full of ideas pulled out of magazines and stored in plastic sleeves, but now I've started my own old-fashioned version of a Pinterest board.  So, if you follow me on Pinterest, you may see many ideas that I pin, but what you don't see if me going back and printing images, cutting or pointing out the aspect I like and paste it into my Idea book for specific projects.  Definitely not a new concept, but one that I've embraced in a more organized fashion most recently.

And no, I didn't pay almost $15 for this sketch book.  You know me, I bought it at a discount store for around $5.  The tabs are removable and for different home spaces (both indoors and out).
Here is an example of the paint chips I used in my craft room.  Definitely a good idea for future reference if you have mixed paint and need more of it later.
Here is an example of an inspiration piece of furniture (you remember the one from Charity's post?).  Just so happens that I have a dresser that I wanted to make over.  Her piece gave me the perfect idea of what to do with it...for another room.

Here is an example of some bathroom makeover ideas I'm interested in.  I even have pricing listed from the local hardware store to help price the entire project before I begin.

So, that's it in a nutshell of how I organize my decorating ideas.  Nothing too fancy, but what I've found is if I just "pin" all my ideas or do the old-fashioned thing of ribbing pages of things I like from magazines, that that doesn't guarantee that I'll put those ideas to actions.  Having this neat book helps me to organize and fine-tune my ideas and have it all in one place.  Very convenient for taking on shopping trips too.

So, how do you organize your decorating projects/ideas?

{Blog Series:  September 9 - September 13, 2013}
 Happy Decorating,

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  1. Once more I must say this: there are so many things I NEED to learn from you! I just write down my ideas on any paper I have available without any picture or sample and later I just forget about it. So. Many. Things. To. Learn!

    ps. I love your project idea for the dresser!

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  3. I used to have tear sheets neatly organized in file folders and other details like measurements and fabrics, etc. I organized in a binder ( But when I'm started pinning, I moved away from "old school" scrapbook style organization and I miss it. So, like you, I will do both. It's nice to have something in your hand where you can actually turn the pages.


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