Give Your Bedroom a Glam and Stylish Makeover {Guest Post}

Your home is often a reflection or your personality. So, when you put together different interior décor items and even choose the color of the walls, the end result is a structure that not only is a creation of your mind and heart, but also is a haven for you and your loved ones. 

And within this home, your bedroom is probably the most personal space and sanctuary.

Therefore, it stands to logic that you put in just a bit of extra effort to give your bedroom a glam and stylish makeover. Interestingly, this need not cost you too much either.

Budget considerations aside, here are a few ideas that you can keep in mind that will make your bedroom sizzle with style.

Choosing your bed linen carefully

There are many factors to consider while choosing bed linen. Some of them are colors, patterns, material, number of pillows and so on. The one easy thing you can do is to put a large number of pillows and cushions on your bed.

This gives it an ultra luxurious feel. 

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You could also experiment with choosing different colors and different patterns that come together nicely. Another idea to keep in mind is to create bed skirts. This is a simple affair and you can create them yourself or ask a tailor to do it for you.

Make it personal

In the bedroom, more than any other space, you can certainly choose to place different elements that reflect your life. For instance, you could find wallpaper that reflects your love of nature, or bed linen that carries forward the theme of plants and flowers.

You could also choose to frame your favorite pieces of artwork or other collectables and place them on a wall.

Choose eclectic furniture and furnishings

Instead of choosing a very regular looking bed, why not choose something with more character? Perhaps a bed that is lower down on the floor. Ornate and vintage looking night stands can also add a dash of glamour your room.

You could even create your own pieces of furniture. Buy a vintage chest of draws and paint it in hues that you love.

Your bedside lamp covers can be printed rather than plain. Try and make a space for a comfy sofa or chair where you can lie back and relax with a book or your evening cuppa.

Pay attention to your dressing mirror

A mirror can certainly be an accent piece as far as your bedroom is concerned. Instead of going in for a “plain Jane” mirror, why not try a jharokha frame for your mirror? Or, perhaps a bright and colorful piece?

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Consider the placement of the mirror carefully too. Ideally, you should be able to place it in a niche which allows you the room or space to check out your full length reflection as well.

Creating a bedroom that is uber stylish is an interesting project indeed and allows you plenty of scope to exercise your creativity to the hilt.

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  1. Great tips I will surely be referencing this post as I prepare to redo my bedroom in a few weeks.

  2. I do agree with this tips it's so true the our room decoration presents our personality :)
    thanks for sharing this great idea.
    I love for the mirror.


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