Add a Splash of Color to a Room without Painting the Walls {Guest Post}

There have been many times I have found myself in dire need of a room makeover. Bland and colorless rooms can certainly be depressing. But sometimes there are reasons why we either can't or shouldn't paint the room, because of a landlord for example, living in an apartment, or just not having the time or the money to do a professional job. Over the years I have incorporated many exciting and successful ideas into making the rooms in my home cheerful and more enjoyable without painting the walls.


Curtains can be a great way to add a splash of color to a room. Windows can be a focal point in most rooms. They let in light during the day and bring attention to their immediate surroundings. Crafting your own curtains or buying a set that you especially love can be a great way to liven up any room.

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Rugs can also create a focal point in many rooms. There are many styles available and they are made from so many different materials that finding one that you adore will be easy!

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Wall Decals

Wall Decals can be a great deal less expensive and time consuming than paint. They can also be much more artistic, and they are easily removed and repositioned in other rooms or places on a wall. Finding a set of wall decals and then accenting it with matching curtains and a rug can create a bright and professional looking atmosphere.

Wall Art

You can easily find many different kinds of wall art to add life to your walls. Thrift stores are great places to look as you can find such a wide variety of art for next to nothing. Finding a frame and creating your own art especially for your room can also be a great idea.

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Being creative with lighting in a room can certainly make it pop. If you really want some extra color you can even buy colored light bulbs or specialty lamp shades. Buying tiered lighting and adding several colors of lights to it can be especially colorful and cheerful.

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When it comes down to adding color and life to a room, your imagination is the limit. You can create your own styles in just the right colors and the results can be far more fantastic than just painting the walls!

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Maya is experienced as a mom, wife, pet owner, and pest control consultant for TerminixShe started a blog to share her expertise in extermination, pest control, pets, and family in order to help give the everyday homeowner personal expertise.

I'm thankful for these guest posts on room decor because I'm embarking upon a "new" project in my home now that my craft room is finished.  More details about that this week.  :-)

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  1. Oh yeah rugs and curtains do bring in that pop of color. I am still trying to figure out what type of rug I want to do if at all. I am seriously considering colorful pillows though.


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