Tracyville: Handmade Goods for Multicultural Kids Product Preview

Since this awesome guest posting week has now come to a close.  I want to leave you all with this shameless plug and a sweet [Love] Pillow Tutorial.  You're invited to check in on my handmade fest-o-rama, as I make all kinds of goodies for my new kid's product line -like the magnets below- that launches on Labor Day.  Join in on my adventure at Tracyville.  Thanks to everyone who has joined me this week and many thanks again to Libby for this wonderful experience. (Picture me with a big smile and a grateful heart)! :D

You heard her, folks. Tracy's new line is starting soon.   Personally, I'm excited to see what she's come up with.   I've been seeing sneak peaks and snippets for a while now and I'm ready for the big reveal! Tracy's work is amazing and I love her interest in creating artwork that represents cultural diversity.  So, please be sure to check out her work via her blog.  :-)

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