New Blog Series Intro: Family

Hello blog world.  I'm back!  And with a few changes and an introduction.

So what are the changes?  Well, in an effort to be a little more blog organized, I've decided to do a couple of things:  create blog series and create a weekly format.  Now, I will admit that I tried to create a weekly format before, but it just didn't work out.  *hangs head in shame* But, on the bright side, I'm willing to wipe off that virtual dust and try it again.  A weekly format is something to help you and me so you'll kind of know what to expect on certain days whether it be a recipe or a project or the randomness of life.  It will also help me to spread my content out better.

As for the blog series.  I've decided to work a series here and there where the posts for that week will create one happy story.  The posts will be related and may be all mine or a combination of mine and a guest post.

Ok.  Now on to the introduction. (Drum roll please...)

The theme for the series for the week of August 19 will be FAMILY.  I guess I'll just start with mine.  Stay tuned!


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