Miss Tracy's Tutorials: How To Make Keychains From Fabric Scraps {Tutorial} {Guest Post}

Hello, my lovely readers.  I'm bringing my blog hiatus to a bit of a close, but not before introducing you to Tracy from Tracyville and One Brown Crafter.  Tracy is a fantastic artist and I do love her resourcefulness in her projects.  Today, Tracy is sharing with you all her tutorial on making keychains from fabric scraps.  Enjoy!

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Hi everybody! Tracy from Tracyville here. I'm a thrilled, first-time, guest blogger at AE and I've got a tutorial to show you all how to make cute keychains using  recycled materials.


I was in need of a new keychain so quite naturally, I decided to make it and create a full-on tutorial. I checked my recycled milk containers that hold scraps of fabric and I found some pieces that were ideal for this project. Alright, let's do it....

. recycled key ring{s}
. recycled fabric scraps or ribbons
. buttons (optional)
. straight pins
. scissors

- I had some fabric scraps that were left over from other projects, but ribbons will serve the same purpose and ribbons are less work because you don't have to sew the edges. If you use fabric scraps, you'll have to cut them to your desired width (and length), iron the sides together so the edges will be finished (so measure the width wide enough to allow for pressing) and then sew the edges together so there are no unraveled edges.  My scraps are already cut, ironed and sewn because, like I said, they are from previous projects.

- Cut your ribbon or fabric scraps to your desired length. It all depends on how long you want your keychain to be.  My scraps are all different lengths.

- Using one key ring and one ribbon, pull your ribbon through the key ring. Pin in place and sew the end of the fabric about 1/4" from the ring.


Overlap the 2nd end over the 1st end. Pin in place and sew 1/4 " from the key ring. I double stitched my seam for reinforcement because I want this key ring to last for a while. Now, zig-zag stitch the unfinished end for a clean finished look.

If you want to add buttons or beads add them now and sew them on through the thickness.

Voila' your new keychain is finished. Simple, right?

- You can add some visual interest by sewing on buttons or beads - one button at the top or a bunch of buttons down the length of the fabric, but this is totally optional.

Hope you enjoy this tutorial and big thanks Libby for allowing me to introduce myself to her lovely readers.

Feel free to share my tutorials, but please link back to my blog and give me full credit. Thanks! 

You heard her, folks.  If you want to pin this project, head right over to Tracyville and pin it from there.  Here's the direct link to this tutorial.  Tracy's not through sharing her wonderful artsy tutorials.  Check back tomorrow to see her DIY ring.  Thanks, Tracy!

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  1. Fun and cute! I will go stop by Tracy's blog :) Thanks for the great guest posts, Libby. They have been very enjoyable.


  2. Thank you Libby for this great opportunity to introduce myself to your lovely readers. This was my first time ever guest blogging and it's been a fun experience.


    PS: Thanks Stephanie!


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