Miss Tracy's Tutorials: How To Make A Tank From A T-Shirt {Tutorial} {Guest Post}

Tracy's back at it again with another tutorial.  DIY Upcycling at its best.  If you want to pin this tutorial, please pin it from here.  :-)

If you have a t-shirt that needs a facelift, consider this sweet recycling project.....

. t-shirt
. scissors
. piece of lace or fabric (optional)
. safety pin

  photo 6cb1b017-7009-4789-af53-9c41259a4476_zps39aacb97.jpg

Cut the t-shirt in 4 pieces.

Cut off both the sleeves along the seams, cut across the neckline, and cut off the bottom hem precisely along the seam. This hem will become your straps, so cut them out carefully.


Fold over the raw edges of the underarms about 1/4 inch and press.  Sew both pressed underarm seams in place.

I went the extra mile and not only did a straight stitch, but also did a zig-zag stitch, which is totally optional.


Fold over at least a 3/4' seam of the neckline. This will be the casing for your straps, so it must be wide enough for them to fit through. Sew in place. (Remember to stitch forward, backward and forward 5 times each time you begin and end a seam to hold your stitches in place).

(OPTIONAL) On one side of my casing (the backside of t-shirt that doesn't have the print), I sewed a strip of lace in place. This shirt can be worn backwards and forwards so on one day the shirt can be worn showing the t-shirt design on the front and one day you can wear it showing the lace on the other side.

Remember the bottom hem you cut off?

 Cut it along both side seams and now you have 2 straps for the front and back necklines (casings). 

Stick a safety pin through one end of one strap and lock the safety pin in place.

Now stick the safety pin that's attached to the strap and stick it into the end (the hole) of one neckline casing.  

Carefully pull the strap through the casing until it comes out  the other end.  Do the same with your other strap and put it through the casing on the backside of your shirt. 

Adjust the straps to fit your body and tie in place.  That's it. You have a new, hot tank recycled from a t-shirt!  And once you have the hang of it, this t-shirt upcycle is so quick and easy to make.  Enjoy!

Thanks, Tracy for another great project.  With projects like these, it won't be so easy to get rid of clothes for the tiniest of reasons.  Just find another way to use it.  #creativity

Again, if you want to pin this tutorial, please pin it from here.  :-)

Tracy can be found on her two blogs - Tracyville and One Brown Crafter

Happy Crafting,

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