H-S Family Reunion 2013

The first weekend in August was the annual family reunion for my dad's side of the family.  I will admit that it was a difficult event for me in the absence of my father.  For some reason all of my feelings came crashing down in time for this family reunion.  I'm thankful that two of my cousins have now taken an interest in photography and both purchased a DSLR this year.  I'm thankful that they allowed me to "sit this one out" so I could make it through the weekend without the added pressure of capturing every wonderful moment.

Now you know me, I couldn't not take any photos.  Armed with a 50mm fixed lens afforded me the opportunity to do what I love best at functions like this - detail shots!  I let my cousins handle the rest.

**Warning:  There are a lot of photos in this post.**

This year's colors were purple and white.  Each family member was given a tote bag commemorating this reunion.  The tables were decorated with purple candles, floral arrangements, and scattered flower petals.  Below you'll also see the official program.


We played a version of Jeopardy based on family facts.  It was funny how one cousin who racked up the most points actually married into the family!  There also was this whole category that no one on the "H" side of the family could answer, only members of the "S" side could.  (BTW, this is a joint reunion between my grandfather and grandmother's people.)

Shall we talk about food?  The reunion dinner was held at a Family Life Center and was catered.  The food was amazing.  And hot.  I have a strong distaste for lukewarm or cold meals that should be served hot.

Awards were given.  Announcements were made.  Family celebrated with the couple who had just gotten married and the one that announced their new baby boy on the way and the one who announced their engagement.  Remember my cousin, Nina?  (Side Note:  She finished fashion school last year and now designs for American Eagle.)

Nina + Patrick
Met new faces from my grandmother's side of the family.

We even had a business newsletter to advertise family members' small businesses.  If they chose to vend, space was allowed.

Oh yeah.  And shirts were made.  1st generation siblings' names were printed on the back.  Asterisks were placed beside those gone on before us.


Here are a couple of people shots.

Me and a couple of 1st cousins.  Yes, the two on the ends are twins.
We were "commanded" by a 6 yr old to pretend to talk...so we did.
1st Generation
2nd Generation
3rd+ Generations
3rd+ Generations acting "normal".

If you've made it to the end, congratulations!  I'm impressed.  If you just scrolled through and looked at the photos, trust me, I understand.  Thanks for allowing me to share a bit of my family with you.

{Blog Series: August 19-August 23, 2013}

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  1. How much fun was that! I love the program booklet. What a wonderful idea to share pictures and stories with everyone so they get passed down to everyone. Looks like you had a great time even though you were missing one special person. You know he was watching every one of you the whole time. Dad was there. :)


  2. what a beautiful family! i love all the special details and the food....oh my! everything looked delicious~

    wishing you a wonderful week~


  3. Love this post! Just beautiful! The vintage photographs are truly divine. I have to go and drool over the food photos again. Too bad you can't email me a few of those cornbread squares...and some fish...and some macaroni & cheese...and some more cornbread. Mmmmmm...cornbread! Beautiful family Libby!

  4. I enjoyed seeing these photos and reading about the reunion! I've always wished I had a big family like that!

  5. Lovely photos of your family reunion. You've blossomed into an excellent photographer Libby. Keep up the great progress! They should love these photos for a long while and it's always good to see you in some of them.

  6. your photos, wow!
    beautiful family you have, and dang, where is my plate???


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