Crafty Business Tips: Ways To Promote Your Blog {Guest Post}

I've got another business tips segment for you all today. In my opinion, as business owners, we can never get enough business tips. I have found that there are always pearls of wisdom is most every business article I've read. Hope you get a pearl or two...or three. 


Here are some tips to promote your blog and help readers locate your content.

1. Email Newsletter: Steer your email list back to your blog by incorporating some of your blog content into your newsletter. This will help them catch up on what they may have missed in case they haven't read your blog in a while.

2. Promotional Material: Put your blog info on all of your printed promotional materials.

3. User Social Profiles: Don't forget this one. Put your URL in all of your user profiles - your Facebook, Twitter Pinterest, LinkedIn, and Google+ accounts.

4. Email Signature: Include a link to your blog URL in your email signature so that every time you contact someone, you’re both promoting your blog and encouraging them to bounce back to your blog. 

5. Receipts: Whenever you give out a customer receipt make sure your blog URL is on it. 

6. Offline Professional Communities: Share your blog info with your local Chamber of Commerce and other  professional communities.

7. During Workshops + Presentations: Are you participating in an art, craft or other type of workshop or are you speaking at a local or national event? Don’t forget to mention your blog via your presentation materials or otherwise.

8. Business Cards: Your cards should contain your blog URL and all of your social profile info.

9. Packaging: Perhaps create a sweet card in whatever size you desire or some other creative paper item that has your logo or some of your fab art on it, but also has your URL profiles on it and include this in your customer's packages. 

10. Syndication Opportunities: Find blogs in your industry that syndicate content. Through syndication you can get yourself in front of a whole new audience, if you become a trusted source for them to pull from, that is. 

11. News Releases: Whenever you send out news releases, be sure to include your blog URL with your other contact information.

12. Community Events: If you're participating in or sponsoring a community event include your awesome business literature. Also, mention your blog during conversations with folks at the event.

13. Linkedin: Linkedin has many groups/conversations/posts where there are opportunities to leave your blog info (in a non-spammy way). 

14. Guest Posting: If you have the opportunity to guest-post on someone's blog, this is an awesome way to get before a new audience and lead them back to your blog - ya know, like I'm doing here. (hee hee) Good luck!

Tracy is right.  There are never too many business tips.  Whenever I purchase handmade, I always notice how the seller promotes his/her business.  I notice the details.  And so it is with blogging.  I have learned many new tips from Tracy just now.

One thing I will add that was important to me in this business journey was the need to have consistency across social media accounts.  In doing so it caused me to open a new Etsy shop (before they gave you the option for a name change), a new blog name and URL, and a new business Facebook page.  In the end I feel like it was worth it because it's easier for you to be "found" and it keeps you from having to remake business cards once you've settled on a specific name.  Trust me, I should know.  :-)

Stay tuned for more of Miss Tracy's business advice this week.  And remember, you can find her on her blogs - Tracyville and One Brown Crafter.

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