Another Look Inside My Classroom {Video}

Today concludes the last day of the Back to School series.   I hope you've found something useful this week.   As promised, I have finished the little video of my classroom tour.  Since making this video, I have rearranged my desks to accommodate more students.  Now I have enough space for 29 students to sit in groups of 4 or 5.

The video is short.  Thank you for watching and have a great long weekend to those who have Labor Day on Monday.  After the holidays, my role as "teacher" will officially start.  Here's to a great year!

{Blog Series:  August 26 - August 30, 2013}

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  1. Awesome job with the classroom, Libby!! Your classroom takes me back to my school days!! Good luck this year! I'm sure your students will love you!! My hat definitely goes off to all teachers!!

  2. I like your video, Libby. Have a nice teaching-year!

  3. You have done a wonderful job organizing everything Libby. Your students will benefit from how you have things set up for them. Love it!


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