Using Repurposed Materials to Create Your Own Garden Trellises {Tutorial}

Creating my garden beds this summer was an investment.  There are certain materials that I had to purchase in order to achieve the desired garden beds.  There are other necessary materials that I wasn't willing to put more money towards, and trellises were one of them.

Trellises can be made from any old object that's tall enough for a plant to grow up and strong enough to support the plant.  I looked at many websites and of course on Pinterest and Hometalk and although I saw many ideas, one thing is for sure...use what you've got.  And what did I have?  Wreath stands.

The funeral home placed the wreaths at the gravesite and I'm so glad that mom and I went back some time after the funeral and gathered those stands.  Honestly, I thought it would be kind of creepy but it wasn't.  It seemed so wasteful when I heard that the stands and wreaths as well would have been thrown away had we not reclaimed them.

Basically, I removed the wreaths from the stands.  Placed the stands in the garden bed backwards from each other so that the two front legs from stand #1 and the one back leg from stand #2 were on the same row.  This will allow the cantaloupe plants to grow up the leg closest to it, regardless of which stand it was.  Ok, here's a graphic to show what I tried to explain:

I tied the plants to the wreath stand legs in two places - near the middle and top of the plant, using leftover cotton yarn from a knitted dishcloth project.  And that's it!

The trellis for my cucumber plants (in the back) is an old tomato cage opened out.

p.s.  Yes, the flowers from the wreaths will also be repurposed.  On most of the wreaths and the casket spray, we removed all of the flowers for future projects.

To repurposing,

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  1. Very clever of you Libby! Amazing how all kinds of things will do so many different jobs. :)

  2. Look at you go Miss Libby! Recycling...gardening...creating...all of my favorite things...awesome! Good for you. Dang, I wish I lived next door. We would have a ball!! Good job!

  3. You're a clever girl! I've gone the opposite way in the past and used tomato cages to create Christmas trees. Use what you've got, I always say.


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