The Fair Maiden and Her Speckled Friends - a Real Life Garden Story

Once upon a time in a land not that far away, lived a fair maiden.  This fair maiden dreamed of growing her own fruits and veggies in the countryside and so one day she scoured this new fangled thing called the "internet" to find out just how to do so.  With pinned images in hand and loads of information on the brain, she rounded up a fair friend with a truck and set out for the adventure of a lifetime to a store called Lowes.

At Lowes she spoke kindly to the red-vested men who lifted all the necessary materials into the truck so that this fair maiden would have all she needed to make her dreams come true.  The fair maiden and her fair friend worked hard building cemented beds and filling them with all sorts of delicious organic matter.  Once the fair maiden rested and a new day began, she planted hills of lemon cucumber seeds and set out some newly sprouted cantaloupe plants.

All was going to plan.  The lemon cucumber seeds sprouted and as they began to chat among themselves, they began to grow and play so furiously that they had to be staked on trellises.  That didn't stop these gorgeous plants.  Just like children they had fun racing to the top and the fair maiden enjoyed watching them grow and play.

Then one day, the fair maiden noticed something was wrong with her green fuzzy friends.  They were developing a rash of sorts.  What is plant pox?  A plant acne?  Or a plant leprosy of sorts?  All this fair maiden knew was that her once beautiful, blooming friends with skin so green and fair had now become scarred beyond recognition.

In a fury, the fair maiden scoured the internet looking for an antidote to save her friends.  She searched high and low.  She read that there could be some sort of worm.  She read that the soil could need a nutrient.  She read about Epsom salts.  She read about cinnamon.  She tried to save her friends, but each hour within the next two days it seemed as though her efforts were in vain.

How is it, she pondered, that the most beautiful bed of all, with the most beautiful plants could turn out this way?  Was it something she did?  Was it something she didn't do?  Was she destined not to have a cantaloupe despite all the beautiful blooms?  Was her first experience of lemon cucumbers never to come into fruition?

Determined not to be defeated, this fair maiden scribbled out her problems on electronic paper and sent them all over villages both near and far in hopes that someone would save her dear friends from impending doom or help the fair maiden fix her bed for her new set of fall friends.

To be continued...

The fair maiden,

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  1. Oh no Libby! I hope you are able to save these beautiful plants and be able to enjoy their goodies! I hope someone can help. I have no clue what to do!


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