Rainier Cherries

My first experience with these Rainier cherries. So, so good!

To date, these are my favorite cherries.  They are sweet and the texture reminds me of a peach or nectarine.  Hard to describe, but oh so good. 

In case you're wondering what kind of cherries I was accustomed to, they were bing cherries.  The dark red ones.  And they still are very good.  When we purchase them from the grocery store (on sale), we always look at the code on the bag.  All cherries are not equal.  Once you find the code of the cherries you like, remember it.  That way when other grociers sell their produce you'll be able to tell if it's the same cherry or not.  #shoppingtip

Have a fruit-loving day,

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  1. Oooo - I never tried Ranier cherries, but I might now that you did it first. :) Also, have you noticed that hardly any grocery stores' dark cherries say "Bing Cherries" now? They all say something like, "dark cherries" or "sweet cherries". But they don't say 'Bing' anymore. I wonder if maybe there was a farming scarcity of them or something....

    1. That's an interesting thought. If you get a chance to try the Rainier ones, I think you'll like them. :-)

  2. These look delicious Libby! I miss cherries! In recent years I have become too senstive to pesticides and cherries are on my list of not being able to eat. My grocery store does not carry them in organic. :(

  3. Rainier cherries are awesome! We have them here and we can't enough of them when they are in season. Pie cherries are the absolute best also. I think they are called sour cherries also. Those are my absolute favorite!

    New email for you: simply-kar@hotmail.com

  4. yum. I love cherries!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! so good for you


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