How to Repot a Dying Lucky Bamboo Plant {Tutorial}


For those that think I have a green thumb, let me show you what I allowed to happen to my lucky bamboo plant:

Not wanting to let this plant go like so many other of my indoor plants, I started researching how to save this one.  Sure I could have probably thrown it away and started fresh with a new one, but my aunt gave me this when I was in the hospital a couple of years ago, so I wanted to at least try to save it.

So this is what I did:

Put the bamboo plant in the sink.
Remove all the gel-substance, rocks, and yuckiness, as well as any of the dead stems.
Give the plant a hair-cut:  Snip anything brown (leaf tips, stem tops). 
Cut back the scraggly roots.
Repot the plant in a clean container (in my case, a totally different one).  Put enough rocks to hold the plant in place.  Add enough purified water to cover the bottom of the container.  I filled only up to the rock level.
Find a good location for your plants and enjoy.  (These plants are temporarily located in my mom's dining room.)

What I learned:
  • These bamboo plants need indirect sunlight.
  • Don't place these plants near an air-condition vent, even when it's in the proper sunlight.

Total Cost for this Project:
  • $1 glass vase - the tall one (thrifted find)
  • $0 glass vase - the small one (already had it)
  • $4 glass stones (Dollar Tree)
  • $0 purified water (already had it)
  • $0 lucky bamboo plant (was given to me)

Happy Plant-Saving,

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  1. They look so pretty in the glass vases and the colorful stones. They were just telling you that they wanted a new home to sit in. :)

  2. The end result,looks beautiful!

  3. great save. I heard babmboo is hard to kill... :)

  4. Beautiful end results!! I have killed a few plants in my days lol! But like the person above me said great save.

  5. Just repotted my lucky bamboo plant, so we'll see if it survives or not. I wasn't able to take out the half dead stalk, so it's there there. It's one of the one's with 9 stalks tied together.


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