Garden Update

Here's the current update on my garden:

Just saw blooms on my cucumber plants.  That's a sign that shows the promise of future fruit.  (This is my first experience in planting a fruit, besides a tomato.)

The lemon cucumber plants finally needed staking.  I tied them to an old trellis I found in the backyard with some twine.  

Thanks to Kar, I learned that basil should be pruned to make it grow out instead of up.  Hopefully I will have three bushy basil plants soon.

I purchased a jasmine plant on clearance, and I finally saw a bloom.  I love the sweet smell of jasmine. 

Here are my tomato plants, with a couple of bean plants in the back.  

This bed does not meet my satisfaction.  This is the only bed where I hauled in dirt too.  I'm wondering if I should have treated it to make sure there weren't any "impurities" in there.  But at any rate, I was talking to my neighbor whose tomato plants are growing by leaps and bounds and whose plants are all green with no signs of yellowing, and he asked me a simple question:  "What are you feeding your tomatoes?"  So I gave him my simple reply, "Good water."  And he really did LOL!

Apparently starting with good soil isn't the only recipe for success.  I have to maintain good soil throughout.  So I went to a local feed store and discussed my organic options.  The owner suggested Plant-tone because he said with all the rain we've been getting it is possibly washing out the nitrogen that is needed.  This particular fertilizer is meant to fix that.  I fed all my beds and then the rain came again, so we'll see how it goes from there.

p.s.  Today is my mom's birthday!

 Happy Gardening,

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  1. Try putting bagged compost/hummus in your tomato bed. Buy a mix of whatever is at the store. They have it at Lowes or Home Depot. That's almost what I use exclusively for my beds and they do great. I read the sqaure foot gardening book and he recommends using compost, vermiculite and peat moss mix but I find that just compost also works. I'm pretty bad at remebering to add fertilizer but sometime will. Good luck with your garden!

  2. Happy Birthday to Mom!!! Your garden is looking great so far. :)

  3. Looking good! Happy Birthday to your mom!

  4. growing good Libby! and happy birthday to you mom :)

  5. Your garden is looking great! And fresh basil sounds wonderful :) Happy birthday to your mom - I hope her day is filled with many special blessings.

    Hugs to you!


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