Garden Update: The Good, The Bad, and The Questionable (A Photographic Journey)

This has been a summer of garden-discovery.  My first cinder-block garden.  My first organic garden.  My first plants from seed (not all of them, but some of them).

Let's start with the good.
  • The sweet basil is producing beautifully yummy leaves.
  • The jalapeno pepper has produced a pepper and another one is starting to bud.
  • The cantaloupe leaves are growing by leaps and bounds and are full of flowers.
  • The lemon cucumber plants are having a grande time growing and climbing their trellis.
  • The spearmint has taken root and is really growing well.
  • I finally see two tomatoes growing from one of the purchased plants and the tomato plants I started indoors are growing really well.  I'm having to stake them and put some in cages.

Moving on to the bad.
  • The purple basil has gone mad.  The leaves just fall off without even touching them.  Definitely digging this one up and just going to focus on the sweet basil instead.
  • The cilantro doesn't like the heat and grows, dies, grows again, sprawls out.  For now I'm just leaving it as-is.  My choices seem to be 1) dig it up and call it quits, 2) tell everyone I'm growing this for coriander instead and gather the seeds,  or 3) allow the cilantro to seed and drop in the ground to grow again in cooler weather.  I do like the flavor of coriander so that's definitely an option.

And now the questionable.
  • The garden beans that I started from seed have mostly died with the exception of two plants that are hanging on for dear life.  I've fertilized them and watered them and they grow, but I'm not sure if they will produce.  Since they keep trying to live, I'll help them as much as I can.
  • The tomato plants are growing well, especially since I learned to feed them.  That fertilizer I used is mostly chicken manure and the plants love it.  I even saw two tomatoes growing in the last couple of days.  I still listed this plant as questionable because I'm just not sure how it's going.  *fingers crossed*

My garden's nemesis:  ANTS!  I've had to attack them with a vengeance.  That's the perk of living in the sandhills region of my state.

And let's put it all together in a narrated video.  :-)

Suggestions, tips, advice are always welcome!

Happy Gardening,

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  1. Your garden looks great! There always seem to be a couple of plants that just don't do as well as you hoped. I've found with cilantro you have to keep planting it all season because it does not last very long, especially when it gets hot out. It does come back really easy if you let it self seed :)

  2. Shade for the cilantro, just like lettuces and such. I'll be moving mine next year in hopes of a better crop. Your garden is looking great Libby!

  3. Oh no, so sorry about your Purple Basil and Cilantro - hopefully you can "perk" them up a bit :) Your garden looks amazing, Libby! You have inspired me and maybe next year I will grow one too.

    Hope you are doing well, sweet friend.

    Love and hugs!

  4. :) focus on the good. We have found that for us cherry tomatoes does pretty well, zucchini...uhm sometime. Anything else we tried died or grew without producing :(

  5. The Purple Basil might need more water. As for the ants...You can use cinnamon sprinkled around the garden and their nests.


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