The Look for Less: Budget Floral Container Gardening

I have recently been inspired by Anne's post, 6 Budget Saavy Tips for Landscaping Your Home, on her blog, Design Dreams by Anne, where she offers solutions to obtaining a dream garden for less.  Honestly, her backyard reminds me of what I envisioned when I read The Secret Garden many years ago.

On my first official day of summer vacation, I stopped by the local Habitat Restore and discovered some beautiful planters that I had to have.  Plus they were 75% off.  I purchased three and decided that they would be perfect on my front stoop.  Each planter was $2.50.

The next day, I stopped by my local hardware store and purchased three plants - 2 geraniums and 1 begonia.  I know that the larger plants that are already in bloom are a gorgeous, quick solution, but honestly, the smaller less expensive plants are fine because guess what, they will grow!  So I opted for the $1.18 begonia and the geraniums that were $1 each because they needed a little lovin'.

Hopefully with a little love, all of these plants will bloom and grow!

Total Project = $12
Happy Gardening!

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  1. Your front steps are going to look great when they all start blooming together. What a steal for the containers and plants. :)

  2. What beautiful pots!!! and thank you for the shout out, that's my favourite book!


  3. you did great! I love the pots with the new plants

  4. Looks good, Libby. Wish i had "green" fingers. My sence for gardening is zero...

  5. I love a good deal on flowers and pots. They can be so expensive! Sometimes it's worth the wait for some blooms when you can save :)

  6. This is beautiful and I have to say I love a good deal.


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