Momma Thinks I Have a Green Thumb

If I took the time to show you just how many live plants we received (and still have) from Dad's funeral, you would probably be shocked.  My parents' house doesn't have the best indoor lighting due to all the surrounding shade trees, so giving these indoor plants what they need is a bit of a chore.  However, it's beautiful to see my mom take such interest in these plants as well as some she had before.  I never knew how much she liked plants until now.  Now, she's "gung ho" about having plants on her front stoop.  After I repotted my own plants at her house, she quickly started grabbing plants that needed to be separated and repotted.  The flowers below are just a snippet of the indoor forest we have going on around here.

Mom was given the begonia plant below in a terracotta pot.  I repotted it in a larger pot once it outgrew the original one, and bought another begonia to accompany it (which is now in the original terracotta pot).

Believe it or not, all of these plants below were in one small pot.  Of course they outgrew it so I separated them.

All of the plants (minus one) were gifts and all of the pots (minus one) were found around the house or outdoors.  Recycling at it's best, right?

p.s.  Any tips for reviving an abundance of peace lilies?  One looks like it just gave up and laid down (lol) but the other ones have leaves turning yellow.  They were all huge plants when we got them.

Happy Gardening,

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  1. Your plants look lovely. I enjoy having pants in my home, but I don't think i have much of a green thumb....maybe because I forget about them :/ Thanks for sharing and enjoy your week!


  2. Your Mom's steps are going to look so awesome with all those plants out there. They will keep her busy. :)

  3. I hope you get some tips on the peace lily because I have one just like you describe. Never had a problem with them ever except this one.

    Lovely plants!

    1. Today someone called me to give me some tips on the peace lilies. First off, they said that the larger plants don't seem to last like the smaller versions. I find that interesting. I was told to pick all the yellow leaves off, water it well, and put it in a place where it can get indirect sunlight. I might check and see if they need to be repotted. Maybe the roots are crowded? Someone once told me to water these plants from the bottom too. I guess all of this is worth a shot.


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