Google Reader is Gone; C'est la Vie

Just a quick reminder to let you know that Google Reader will be no more as of Monday, soooo if you haven't found an alternate way to view your blog feed, now's the time to choose.

There are many options, but as for me, I chose to use Bloglovin'.   What do I like about Bloglovin'?
  • I can keep up with the blogs I choose to follow.
  • I can create categories for all of my blogs (i.e. arts and crafts, food, lifestyle).
  • I can share posts directly from Bloglovin'.
  • There is a free app available for both Android and iPhones.

I'm not too picky about which way you choose to follow, but I just don't want to lose any of you.  However, if you choose Bloglovin', then you can click on the button below or the button on the right side of this screen to follow this blog.  :-)

Follow on Bloglovin

Happy Blog Reading,

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  1. I like Bloglovin too. Since I tend to visit the same blogs each week I don't utilize it like I could!


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