Closing Another Chapter: The Bitter-Sweet of 2012-2013

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Friday marked the last day of school for my students.  (I still have a week to go.)  It was bitter-sweet in the sense that I was glad to wrap up this year but Friday was also sad seeing so many tears for different reasons.  Some crying because they were moving away, some because they were moving on to the next level school, and others because they were going to miss their teachers.  Yes, middle school kids still cry.  No matter what kind of year you have, those kind of emotions literally pull the strings of your heart.

If you choose this profession, you must be able to accept the fact that you may pour everything you have into a child, and never see the true benefit.  Sometimes the future teachers of that student get to see it.  Sometimes you have to wait for a long time to find out that what you've done has made a difference.  And that's one of the hardest parts.  So imagine my surprise when I received this card on the last day of school from a student that my team had been working with.  In the last month of school, this student finally began coming out of her shell.  And this is what she wrote:

I was also ecstatic when the kid who took his dear sweet time all year, the one who was able to ignore the teasers, the one who dared to be different, outscored all the students in both of my science classes on his end of year science exam.  Felt like a sweet victory.  And I will think of him every time the gorgeous blooms that he gave me open up each day.

These Purslane blooms were so beautiful, that I bought my mom her own plant with pink and golden blooms.

And this one is my yellow one, but I wanted to give it a little makeover.

In this school year I've watched my aunt battle and survive breast cancer.  I've said good-bye to my friends who moved back to their home country.  I've supported my mom through her own preventative cancer procedure.  I, along with my team teacher, supported a student who lost his mom this year and another student who lost his dad.  Then I lost mine.  But in this year, I trained for a 5K, co-presented at a state middle school conference, and won the Middle School Association's "Teacher to Watch" award for the Eastern region of my state.  So, it has been a year, but by the grace of God, I was able to make it through.

Here's to the end of my 15th year of teaching and to the beginning of summer vacation...well, in another week!

Happy Monday,

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  1. Hi Libby,
    What an amazing your you have had with ups and downs. Those ups and downs really help us grow as individuals. That note from your student is so sweet. :) I can not even imagine what it is like to have such a rewarding career! Those flowers are so pretty. I hope those pretty flowers continue to bloom for you and your mom.
    Have a great week. Val

  2. How wonderful to see that at least you made an indelible impression on a few of the kids in your classes and then took the time to show you their gratitude now. :)

  3. I think that teaching is a very noble profession. Both my mum and dad are teachers and I have seen them meet with students years later who thank them for having a great impact on their lives. I think it fits your beautiful heart perfectly!

  4. you are so right! you must be a very special on to a wonderful summer


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