A Girl Like Me

A girl like me

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visits her aunt's house and discovers this bed of mint all overgrown

and runs back to the car to gather these,

so that she can uproot a bit for her mom and herself,

plant it at home, and cross her fingers for a good future crop and a free cup of tea!

p.s.  After these two pots, there was a long root of mint left, so this girl gave it to her neighbor to plant.

Happy Gardening,

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  1. How awesome is it that a girl like you has a aunt with plenty of mint to share! It always smells so nice when you brush up against it and even in the breezes. Just make sure you keep it in a container so it doesn't take over everything. :)

  2. love the smell of mint. Hope they make it. You are really becoming a pro in this gardening thing

  3. It's always a sweet deal when you get to get free plants then watch them take off.

  4. What a great score! Mint grows like crazy. I have been meaning to get some as ground cover. I guess dogs don't like it and I occasionally find dog poop in my garden. Neighbors can be so lovely. I am wondering is I plant is it would keep the dogs out. Then I can dry some for tea too! I hope yours grows beautifully.

  5. Love that you had a shovel and gardening gloves ready to go :) I have mint in a container too since I've heard it can go crazy. I grew mine the hard way from seed a couple if years ago.

  6. Thats so smart. I would totally do that....and actually I did several years ago. Our mint plant went crazy as well but I've never seen anything as wild as your aunts. I would have dried so many leaves immediately for tea on the go. You have your own teavana right there.

  7. I love the smell of mint! Mine has all died out, which seems impossible since it's a known garden thug. I forgot to plant any this year, but I did get in some flat leaf parsley, chives, basil and rosemary. Hope your mint thrives!


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