To New Beginnings...

In October, our lives were turned upside down.  In a flash, I literally locked up my house and moved in with my momma.  I can't even remember if I got any clothes or wore the same ones every day.  If I did, no one said a word.  They probably were doing the same thing too.

Fast forward to 7 months later, I'm finally trying to put my own home together.  Starting with the refrigerator.  Can you imagine, walking out of your house, leaving every thing as is and coming back many months later?  Trust me, the refrigerator holds no secrets.  So, I cleaned out my refrigerator and freezer, only leaving behind the items that withstood the test of time.

And here's what I have left....

This is all that remains inside my refrigerator:  garlic, papaya, ají amarillo, ají panca, Caribbean all purpose sauce, and hot sauce.  What a combination!

Behold!  My freezer contents...fresh frozen blueberries and cherries, homemade soups from a kind neighbor, collard greens, peppers, and a bag of shrimp.
 Collard Greens
 Remember all that flash freezing I did last summer?  Here are the remaining bell peppers.
 ...and one remaining jar of fresh pesto and two jars of strawberry jam!

I cleaned my refrigerator with Mrs. Meyer's All Purpose Cleaner, in my favorite scent - Lemon Verbena.

Now I feel a fresh start coming on.  And, did you notice?  I used my DSLR.  By looking at the contents of my CF card, I hadn't used my camera since December!  It felt kinda good to hold this baby in my hands.
I know you had to notice the other new blog design!  I've been looking for a design for a while and finally I stumbled upon this Etsy store - Very Simple Design.  Simona has some very lovely premade Blogger designs and I fell in love with this one.  The moment I saw it, I stopped looking at other designs.  Then I purchased the logos for my photographs as well.  I still have some more to add to this design, but I couldn't wait to put it up.  Whatcha think?

To New Beginnings,

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  1. I love your new blog design! It look so good. Your pictures look great as well. I know your glad to be back home!

  2. Sometimes I feel like I need to do that to my fridge, just because. A new fresh start. :)

  3. I love your clean fridge...looks like such a fresh new start. I also love your new blog design. So cute!
    Take care,

  4. Your new design is very clean & fresh (just like your fridge:)))

  5. Waoooh, the blog design is gorgeous. I love the fonts. I pray that the clean fridge will just be a new beginning to fresh blessings!

  6. Are you trying to hint at something?J/K I need to do the same with my fridge.It's been long over do for it.I mean I haven't left any thing in there that can spoil,but just to clean it out for a fresh start like you did.And also, you are a trooper for putting up pics and showing everyone.Your blog design is beautiful,I did notice it when I open it to read your post.

  7. I like the clean blog design and especially the clean fridge! (My fridge could use a little work if you aren't busy.)

  8. you did great on picking the design for your blog...and hope you have gone grocery shopping to fill that fridge again

  9. a new start sounds great. I hope it goes well!

  10. Libby I love your new blog design, I'm going to have to rush on over there to purchase a design for my blog as well. It's good to see that you're using your dslr again. Great job on the frig too.

  11. The new blog design is beautiful. Simple and pretty. :) I can only imagine what kind of nastiness was lurking after being away from your fridge for so long! Now it looks so clean and ready for new goodies!


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