Playing Catch Up....Life as I Know It - Weekly Update #34

Hello World,

Yes, I'm still here.  I've been blog silent for a bit.  And that's a bit rare for me.  Lately I've just not felt like doing much of anything, and in a way that's what I've been doing.  Nothing.  I make weekend plans, but in the end, Fridays I'm knocked out super early and Saturday mornings are slept in.  Then I feel refreshed and get ready to do something, anything, but the idea of pushing myself enough to start doing it isn't great enough to actually make it happen.  The weird thing is, if I actually force myself, I get a lot done and enjoy it.

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I've got some craft ideas swirling around in my head...think denim and African fabric prints.  Ooooh.  I've sewn the pieces of fabric together in my mind many times.  And the end product makes me smile.  Just gotta actually make it.  And I will, by God's grace.  Just maybe not today.  :-)

I signed up for another Cara Box swap for the month of May.  This month you have to get to know the person you're sending your box to and then create a box that represents where you are from but also matches what your swap partner likes.  So, if your person is diggin nuts, you could send nuts made in a local factory.  This is going to be rather interesting.  When I started snooping around my person's blog, I realized that she lived in my state for a while so I'm definitely wanting to find some special things to remind her of home.

Expect some giveaways in the near future.  A crafty friend of mine bequeathed (don't you just love that word) to me all of her crochet and knitting things.  She doesn't have time for the craft anymore and the materials take up needed space.  I was hesitant in taking the bag at first because you know I'm setting up and organizing my own space, but I decided that I could always share my goodies with you.  So get ready!

Until next time,

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  1. I think sometimes you really have to listen to your mind and body, Libby, because it may just be telling you to take a rest. If it continues on and on, especially the "overly tired" part, then it might be a medical or psyche problem that needs a professional's attention. Just take care of yourself, okay?

    How wonderful of your friend to give you all the yarn. I'm just now getting into crochet & learning the art through internet classes. It is so much fun. But I love yarn as a multi-art supply.

    Enjoy the rest of your weekend and have a wonderful week ahead!

  2. Just take things one thing at a time. Sometimes you just need to slow down and not do anything. Before long you will be back to running around all crazy again. :)

  3. Hi Libby,
    I know what it is like to be in a funk. I hope you start to feel yourself again soon. Bequeathed is a great word! It makes me think of Shakespeare. What a great bag of goodies to inspire you. Have fun with the Cara Box swap. :)

  4. I have had those kinds of days more often than I'd care to admit! But I always seem to rally and re-energize eventually. I hope you wil too! Found you through your. Comment on my Perfectly Imperfect post on Grace for Gayle's blog. Good to meet you! :)

  5. Libby, I too have been off the radar (hence this 20 day later response. The box swap sounds like fun, and good for you to take a break - we all need one at times.


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