May Cara Box Reveal

This month I participated in my 3rd Cara Box swap, sponsored by the Wifessionals blog.  The theme this month was "Let's Get Regional".  Each box represented the region or state where you are from, but matches up with the likes of your swap partner.

I was paired up with two wonderful ladies:  Cole from Life's Tails and Kaitlin from A Dogwood in Brooklyn.  I sent my package to Kaitlin, who happens to be from NC although she now lives in New York.  I wanted to give her a taste of home but country style, since my area is more rural than where she grew up.  If you want to see what I sent her, click here.

Cole is from Ohio.  Interestingly enough, she gleamed that I do enjoy food and decided to go with a food theme.  The instructions on the outside of my letter said for me to open my gifts first.  I'm so glad I did because it made me try to figure out how a particular item represented her area.  That was fun in itself.

The card was made in Ohio
Check out the goodies Cole sent:

Dayton, OH postcard, chocolates made in OH, a candle, Limon Pepper seasoning, marinara sauce from a restaurant in OH, and barbecue sauce from a rib shack in OH
Just a closer look....
If you noticed, the candy bar is open.  I couldn't resist a little nibble.  I tried.  I really did.  That should count for something, right?

I may be linked up to the following parties:


  1. Oh what yummy delights :) I don't blame you for not resisting the chocolate bar. Have a beautiful day, sweet friend!


  2. I hope you loved everything :)

  3. I would have opened the chocolate bar and had a nibble also. Those things just don't sit and wait very well. :)

  4. The "click here"where you sent here something isn't working.But,I think all of that is great idea,and I would of open the chocolates to.

  5. Great box! I almost sent Nicole a candle from AI Root because it's right here by my house. Too funny! I didn't think anyone who wasn't from Medina County had ever heard of it. I think a lot of us sent and received food boxes this time. It was great.

  6. Great goodies! I would not be able to resist the chocolate either! I love how all the items are made in OH. Nothing like supporting local businesses!


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