Back to the Drawing Board: Craft Room Makeover Part 7 {Video}


Finally took a moment to work on cleaning another area of my craft room.   I was interrupted by the sight of a fox in my yard, casing the place out, but then I went back to work.  Partly because I was determined to finish something...and partly because I was scared to go outdoors because the fox had disappeared.  In the end, I finished what I set out to do for that day, in spite of Ms. Foxy and the babies she apparently had right in front of my driveway!!!???.  (Gotta call for backup for this situation.) 

Ok, here is this short craft organization video.  And yes, there are some super fast clean up sessions since I've heard many comments about how you like that part.  :-)  Enjoy!

Happy Crafting,

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  1. Looking good Libby! Little B said that you sure know how to work fast and get things done. Silly girl. :)

  2. That was a lot of yarn Libby!!! Those safety glasses are so stylish! Hehe. Your work space looks great.

  3. Ugh a fox! I would have been inside for days! LOL! You are so organized. I like the idea of storing yarn in a ziploc bag to avoid tangles.


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