The Femininity of Lace

When I was a kid, lace was the enemy.  And ruffles too.  I vividly recall being forced to wear a tiered pink lace dress when I was about 8.  Twice.  It was itchy.  It was pink and back then I thought pink was also the enemy.  My mom knew better than to buy a dress like that for me, but my aunts purchased this dress for me and forced me to wear it.  What could I do?  My mom wasn't there and I was kid outnumbered by adult women who believed in being "proper".  After that two-time wearing event, that pink dress mysteriously disappeared.

Fast forward about 25 odd years or so and now I see the beauty of lace.  Not that itchy 1980s stuff, but think more delicately.  I am still not a fan of "colored" lace, but I do love white or natural shades of lace (i.e. beige, ecru, off white).  A touch of lace just seems so feminine to me and I love it.

Even though I may not have much lace in my closets, I will take a brief moment to share some of the lacy items that have caught my eye lately.

Saw this on Facebook, but I do not know the source

Source: via ZZKKO on Pinterest

Source: via Yessica on Pinterest

Source: via Kristen on Pinterest

So, how do you feel about lace?

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  2. Loved the look of your blog!
    I love lace too!
    If you want to have some photos when I visited the state's Rio Grande do
    North/Brazil, tell me, ok?
    I have photos with beautiful whitw lace!

  3. I think lace is beautiful for wedding dresses, but otherwise it's not really my style. But I do love lace curtains! I spent some of my childhood in Germany where lace curtains were everywhere. Love them.

  4. Lace is simply gorgeous! That is what I started learning how to make it. ;-)

    Back then, I hated everything pink with ruffles too. I didn't want to wear proper dresses (and as you know, I still refuse to wear them!). But the beauty of a well-made lace attached to the right garment (a courtain, a wedding dress, the collar of a shirt) can be breath-taking.

    I prefer simple natural coloured laces too, but working with colour in certain designs adds a modern and different touch.

  5. I have a better appreciation for it now. Not so much when I was little either. It's terrible seeing a little girl scratching her skin off due to uncomfortable 80's lace. And they don't care who is watching. That's the funny part. :)

  6. I LOVE lace! I get giddy at the sight of pretty lace :) I remember when I was a young girl I had to wear the frilly, fluffy and lacy dresses. They itched something terrible when I would sit down :) But I still love the lace.

    Hugs to you,

  7. Like you, I don't have much of it...but I have definitely grown to love it!!


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