Life as I Know It - Weekly Update #33

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I officially made one week of work since taking a week off after my dad's funeral.  I felt like I wasn't ready for different reasons at first, but as the week progressed, I felt myself getting back into the swing of things.  Friday the kids did a culmination activity and I was pleased with their performances.  One class created songs about weathering and erosion; the other class created songs about the rock cycle.  Now what I have to do is compile the video clips into two productions so they can see them.  I know they'll be asking at the first of the week.

Well, it's that time again.  Time to go back to the drawing board concerning my clothes closet.  I bit the bullet and went on a shopping spree of sorts back in August and found lots of things at a discounted price.  Now those things are two big, but I've been making it work.  Thank goodness for belts.  But now, it's spring and I can't get by with wool skirts and different variations of black.  So, recently I found these pieces on Pinterest and perhaps I can find some things soon.

Yesterday I was supposed to leave to go to the capital city so I could be ready for the Nu Sol Hair Expo, but we were in a tornado watch and so I turned around and went back home.  Perhaps I can still make it today.  We'll see.

Happy Saturday,

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  1. What cute ideas for outfits! You would look so cute in any of them. :)

  2. I have the first one pinned too. I love the look of a maxi skirt, tank, and denim jacket!

  3. Hi Libby. I am so sorry to hear of your dad's passing. :( It is time to keep all those good memories alive in your heart. Don't you just love Pinterest for ideas? So many wonderful outfits!


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