A Hair Story Times Two

Hair Story #1

Over my spring break, I refused to really "do" my hair.  (Now I know I mentioned one time before that this wasn't a hair blog, and it isn't.  But, it's Tuesday and I need something to post, so just consider this a post on cultural diversity and family.  LOL)  So, back to my story.  I refused to do my hair and I knew that if I didn't do something, my hair would loc up.  Yes, I could have done it myself, but my time was super limited, I was tired, and my hair has gotten so much thicker that it takes forever for me to wash and condition it thoroughly.  (My hair has gotten so thick that it's difficult to wash product out.  Ask me how many times I've had to rinse again while in the process of styling my hair.  Many, many times.  Trust me.)

My stylist had taken that week off as well, so I trusted a friend's suggestion and went to her stylist.  "She's fast," my friend told me, "and hilarious."  So I went.  Now, I've been to Dominican salons before and my uber thick hair was never a problem.  I knew this new stylist was Puerto Rican and I was curious as to whether or not she would be as familiar with my texture as the Dominicans were.  Just to play it safe, I did what I always do when anybody new touches my hair - I did my own detangling.  So, yes, I went to this salon with my hair sectioned off, full of conditioner, and bobby-pinned into sections.

When I took off the hat that covered the scarf that covered the plastic conditioning cap, her first words were, "What is that cap, mami?"  But when I took it off, she was like, "oh."  I was a bit apprehensive but the way she manipulated my hair told me she knew what she was doing.

This stylist was fast and hilarious with a capital "H".  There was lots of fast talking, a lot of "yes, honey" being thrown here or there and before I knew it not only was my hair done, but so were the two women ahead of me.  And we all walked out the door together.  Seriously!

I can't remember what products were used, but they were all natural.  And I've not seen my hair this straight before with a blow dry (not including the Dominican blow outs) so while it was, I was able to achieve French Rolls and different types of buns.  It was fun working with my hair in this state, but I was relieved to see that it reverted back to it's curlier texture with no problem.

Hair Story #2

My sister-in-law came down for a few days and was able to go to the salon I normally go to for trims.  She took down her sisterlocks and is now sporting a free-stranded style like me.  Check out the rest of her story in my vlog.

So I guess I had a lot to say about hair today.  Let's see what tomorrow beholds!

Happy Tuesday,

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  1. Nice hair video!My hair shrinks up like that to,until I blow it out. I like how the stylist trims her hair instead of trying to cut it off.

  2. Very pretty! I thoroughly enjoyed watching the video :)

    Hugs to you,

  3. My sister in law is Dominican and has wicked little curls! She has been wearing it straight for years now. I guess it helps that her mom is a hairstylist! I love the video too!

  4. It's amazing how much our hair shrinks. My daughter is natural too. She has been for the last 2 years. I enjoyed watching the video. Your SIL's hair looks much healthier.


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