My Weekend in Review {Blog + Vlog}

Hello, my bloggy friends!

I hope you had a wonderful weekend.  Let's see if I can recap my weekend:

In word form:
This is more for my non-English speaking bloggy friends.  :-) 
  1. Friday - Humm, not sure if I can remember Friday.  Probably just went to bed early.  It's a shame I can't remember.
  2. Saturday - I went in to work to finally make headway on the mounds of paperwork that have been literally driving me nuts!  I might be able to take clutter at home for a longer period of time, but at work, papers must be put in their place because I teach 40 kids and my papers + their papers + all the other papers that go along with the club I sponsor and the teams that I'm on...  You get the point.  So I had to bring an end to the madness.  Then I went on a mini-shopping trip and purchased a belt from Cato's and some smell-good lotions/sprays from Bath & Body Works.  Afterwards I went to a funeral - the mother of one of my student's passed away.
  3. Sunday - church, of course.  Then more prep on the week ahead.  Plus I made a quick video and thought of a post I'd like to be brave enough to do this week.  :-) 
In picture form:
Because I like pictures too.  I've become more of a visual learner these last few years.
[Image Source]
[Image Source]
[Image Source]
[Image Source]
In video form:
The vlog below pretty much sums it up in video format.

Happy Monday!

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  1. Hi Libby,
    I love the corresponding pictures to go with your weekend! How sad that one of your student's mom passed away. I can not imagine what that is like for a child. I love that your leave notes for your students. Very sweet. Enjoy your new body lotions and sprays!

  2. Thanks for the word form for your non-speaking English readers! I guess I should make an effort and learn the language properly one of these days but... Oh well. :-)

  3. sorry about your students were thoughtful to show your support.

  4. Seeing your happy smile makes me smile! But that is so sad about your student's mother. What a hard thing for a kid.


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