Life as I Know It - Weekly Update #32 {Blog + Video}

Just made it through another long week and the end of the shortest month of the year.  Sometimes it seems like each week is getting more compacted with stuff than it has been in times past.  When I get home from work, I immediately put on lounge clothes, warm socks, and grab a really warm blanket or throw.  And since I'm wearing this bun in my hair now, I might be mistaken for a granny.  LOL

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I have really been enjoying working in my craft space, even if it is sporadically, and putting together the videos.  It's very therapeutic.  And to tell you the truth, I want to finish the room my dad and I started together and I love putting the videos together so much that I can't wait for the next chance to work in my space so I can make a video.

Hair maintenance hasn't been a priority this year.  Yes, I can't wait to get to the place of the length and thickness that I want.  As you know, thickness is a non-issue for my hair at this point.  And it always gets thicker before it gets longer.  I've learned over the past year really not to look at so many hair videos and blogs unless I'm looking for something specific.  One real reason is because "hair envy" is real in the natural-hair community and when hair bloggers and vloggers keep showing their length checks and you're like, I've been natural for x amount of years and their hair is growing faster than mine and they've only been natural for 5 months or so, it can flare up some hair esteem issues.  My goal is just healthy hair at whatever length it is and low-maintenance styles.   With that being said, here's a video of my latest trim.  bruuuhhhhaaaahhaaa  Sounds like an oxymoron?  Maybe a paradox?  No, now I'm thinking it's more of an irony.  Yeah, irony is my final answer.

Happy Saturday,

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  1. Good morning sis - blog hopping and wishing you a Happy Saturday!

  2. when I am home (which is most of the days) I get into "granny" mode too :) You definitely don't need to worry about the tickness, the lenght will grow

  3. I dress like a granny most nights too. :) Wow! It does take a while for you to get your hair done. I have the opposite problem!

    1. The truth is, that was only part of the process. I actually had to do my hair after I got home. I wore this bun for a bit but last night I finally took time to put it in two-strand twists. Another 2 hours later and I was done. lol

  4. Hi Libby. Just wanted to thank you for stopping by today and leaving a sweet note on my Food for the Soul post. Aimee has been instrumental in getting me and my mom, Moni of, started with blogging. When I read your name, I immediately wondered how your dad is doing and how you are doing. I'm so glad to know that the Lord is your Strong Tower. You will make it through this trial stronger and more able to be used by Him. Keep trusting,sweet friend! Have a wonderful week!

  5. Hi Libby! Love the new look. :)

    I'm still trying to get to work in my craft space. Seems I usually have to work in the family room to keep an eye on the Girl Child. Can't leave her unattended for a minute! But it's nice when I do get to do it.

    I actually did a big cut on my hair not that long ago. Still no chemicals, but I am wearing it in a straight style. It's one I've wanted to try since I was twelve and I'm not getting any younger. Thought I may as well go for it! You only live once. Enjoy your journey at every length!

  6. I love that you were smiling and laughing in your stylist's chair. It's great to see that kind of relationship and trust. I totally understand on the hair envy thing *sigh* Your hair is incredible! I don't dare blow it out, because my strands looks so sad and piece-y away from each other, haha!

    On another note, your accent is adorable (I always tend to read with my accent, but now when I read your post, I'll hear yours - miles better!)


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