He Is Risen

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Today is the day set aside among Christians to celebrate the resurrection of Jesus Christ because in that act, we believe that He accomplished what His Father sent Him to do - to come into the world as Savior and present himself a living sacrifice so that all men who believe on His name would be saved (delivered from their sins) and be able to live eternally with Him. 

So what was so different about Jesus' death?  The fact that He was and is the only perfect sacrifice.  The high priests before Him always offered sacrificial lambs for the sins of the people, but Jesus was the perfect sacrifice because He knew no sin and by Him giving His life, there was no longer a need for anymore animal sacrifices.  It was done, once and for all.

But in addition to the fact that He died, we believe that He rose from death, conquering total victory over death, hell, and the grave.  That is why we call Him a living Savior.  And we know that because He lives, we too can have true life and be resurrected from our own sinful ways.  That gives us hope. 

So this is why this Easter "holiday" is so important.  It's a day of remembrance for what Christ did way back on Calvary and what He continues to do for His people today.  It is one of the fundamental points in the Christian faith.  So, even though different denominations may have varying viewpoints here and there, one thing that connects us is the fundamental truth that Jesus died and rose from the dead so that we can have eternal life with Him.  What a blessing!

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For those who celebrate, Happy Easter!

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  1. Beautiful Libby! I hope you have a beautiful day today with your family. Happy Easter!

  2. Truly a blessing! Happy Resurrection Day, dear Libby!

  3. This is just lovely, Libby! I hope you have had a wonderful day.


  4. He is risen indeed -- amen!!! A blessed season to you and yours, dear friend :)


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