Google Reader is Dying?

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So, it's really true?  Say it ain't so.  Google Reader is dying?  What ever shall I do?  If you have suggestions of suitable replacements for Google Reader, please leave a comment below.

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  1. everyone seems to be using bloglovin.

  2. Here is what was suggested to me and it looks like a simple that!

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    1. When I logged into Google Reader yesterday, a message from them popped up saying that that service would be over I believe in June. So I was trying to figure out what that meant for how I read my blog and also wondering if that will affect GFC. I do like knowing who is following my blog.

  4. Here's a whole list I just found
    I might go to Bloglovin though because it seems to be pretty popular. So sad about this :(
    BTW I like your new blog design. I usually read in Google Reader so I don't always see the whole blog look.

  5. Well Libby, the majority of the blogs I read have migrated over to Bloglovin. I caved and did so as well. You know I'm still technically on blog hiatus, but when I get a chance to actually delve into Bloglovin like I want to, I will definitely let you know what I think about it.

  6. I too was sad to see this - ugh, how can they end this!?!?!

    PS - hey girl, how are you?


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