God Bless the Child

One of my dear friends has a little one (7 years old) who recently had an emergency appendectomy.  But God was definitely watching over her and giving her strength inspite of all that she was going through.  A very brave little one.

Somewhere in the midst of her recovering period at home (finally!!!), she and her mom watched my vlog about how I needed and couldn't find the small pink bins for my new storage cubbies.  While I was visiting them the other day, the little one whispered something in her mother's ears.  Then she did her "old lady walk" - you know because she's still pretty sore - and tipped into her bedroom and came back with 2 pink bins for me!  I remember those bins being in her own storage cubes.

"They" said that they had rearranged and no longer needed the pink ones.  I'm not sure if I'm totally convinced still, but I was awed by the sweet generosity of a first grader.  Parents are obligated to teach their children lessons in life, but it amazes me how much we as adults can learn from children.

Thank you so much, Gabby!

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  1. Libby,

    What can I say about it?

    God Bles the Child

    Thank God

  2. God ALWAYS provides...in very creative ways

  3. What a sweet little girl! She loves her Libby. She deserves lots of hugs. Gentle ones for now. :)

  4. That is so wonderfully awesome; children can be amazingly thoughtful and generous. Daniela is so right too -- God ALWAYS provides!

  5. Awww! Gabby sounds so sweet. I am glad she pulled through her surgery ok. It is scary seeing children needing any type of operation!


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