Craft Room Makeover (Part 5b) {Video}


Finally this weekend I was able to get back to working a little bit in my craft room.  My cousin came down and so she helped me out on Saturday.  Then I finished up the rest of this portion on Monday.  Part of the delay was because of the lack of time and the other part was due to the fact that the camera I was using broke, so Friday I purchased another small camera for a replacement, but the quality is sub-standard for my taste, so it will be returned.  I found a camera just like the one that broke on eBay and it should be here between Thursday and Friday of this week.  *fingers crossed*

Now, on to the video!

The next course of action?  Tackling the closet.

Happy Crafting,

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  1. i liked your video and yep it's okay to leave a little pile till later---great job!!

  2. I just put up a post about your cara box that you sent me! Check it out!

  3. you got a lot done!!! glad your cousin could help you for a little bit

  4. Oh the closet! I emptied the closet in my office today. Heavens to Betsy! Be careful!

  5. I love the video Libby. Everything from the story, the filmstrip special effects and the music. Now that the room is in a workable state can I put in my order for my "water proof-hand knitted" boat cover? (smile).


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