Craft Room Makeover (Part 5a) {Video}

You know the proverb, "Rome wasn't built in a day"?  Since that's true, I have to be reminded that if it took "x" amount of time to junk up this craft space, I can't expect it to become the space of my dreams in a super short period of time.  Since Daylight Savings Time began, the evenings after work have been more lighted and I finally got a little time to work on Part 5 of my Craft Room Makeover Series before the sun went down.  (BTW, it usually takes me a while to adjust to losing that hour, but there seems to be a lot to do these days and it's nice to have more daylight after work to get things done before I get sleepy.)

Basically what I worked on was sorting the huge pile of crafty mess in the center of my room.  Items were sorted by what craft they belong to.  Once everything has been sorted and I think of how I want to store it, then I'll be well on my way.  I've been checking out Youtube for some ideas, and so far I've been inspired by this closet organization video.  It's not a craft closet, but it still has given me some ideas.

Now, on to my own video.  Enjoy!

If you've missed any of the parts of this series, you can check out my playlist here.

Happy Crafting,

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  1. what? Rome wasn't built in a day? :) I had the kids watching this...their response: she is clening up her toys really fast!

    1. Your kids are too much. And yes, my crafting supplies are my toys!

  2. I know how you feel Libby. I still have to go through everything in the closet in the craft room. Oy!!!!

  3. Go for it, Libby. This is the best time of the season to get things done!

  4. That was a lot of stuff Libby!!! Yes, it looked like it should have been a weekend project. LOL. Now you can do something fun instead on the weekend!


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