Won't You Be My Valentine?

When I was a kid in elementary school, I used to get so excited around Valentine's Day.  I loved shopping with my mom for the perfect box or boxes of Valentine cards so I could make sure each student in my class would get a card.  But I also remember sitting in the living room floor reading each card that was intended for a boy and trying hard to pick one that wouldn't suggest that I liked him like that.  Or that the other kids wouldn't say, "Ooooh!"  Each year finding the right cards became harder, but I still enjoyed those fun times.  I also enjoyed when the teacher let us go around the room and pass out our cards and place them inside of our own paper hearts made from paper plates or construction paper along with candy hearts and other treats.  Again, fun times.

As I got older the meaning of "Valentine's Day" took on a new connotation, one that basically meant that if you weren't dating someone or had guys fawning over you, you probably weren't going to get those roses they sold at school for $1 or some huge teddy bear or super sized card.  All of a sudden Valentine's Day wasn't fun anymore and became a regular day.

Then one day my dad decided to be my Valentine.  He always bought flowers and/or candy for my mom and took her out to dinner, but this time he gave me a flower and started giving me my own miniature box of Valentine candy.  I wondered why?  I mean, a dad as a Valentine was clearly not the same.  He's supposed to love you and all.  And now in retrospect, I understand as I put together many things he's said to me over the years.  One of those things is that parents should strive to be a model to their kids of what love is and how relationships should work so that the children should have a standard of what is right in their own personal relationships.

I've always known my parents loved me.  I've always known I was a "daddy's girl."  And I know that when my dad did those special things on Valentine's Day, it was his way of showing how much he understood what I was feeling in my heart, even when he never said a word.  And that's love.

Even though my dad can't call me today and say, "Happy Valentine's Day!" I  still got a very special Valentine's Day card from one of my students that made me smile.

So, even though my Daddy isn't here with me for Valentine's Day, hopefully I will be able to see him soon and whisper into his ear, "Happy Belated Valentine's Day, Daddy!"

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  1. Wow, best teacher in the universe. That's pretty impressive. Happy Valentine's Day to you, sweet Libby!

    1. LOL! I think we've been studying the unit on space way too long. :-)

  2. That is the sweetest thing from your Dad. So awesome!!! And that card from your student. Doesn't surprise me one bit. :) Will you be my teacher? :) Have great day Libby!!!!

    1. Awww, Kar. If I were closer to you, I'd love to learn from you as you teach your kids. They're pretty amazing so they must have an amazing teacher!

  3. Awww,my heart melted as I read this!

    I'm always disappointed when people I know prefer to complain about Valentine's Day, rather than redefine it....
    Love is far too grand to be squished into such a small box :)

    1. Thanks. :-) And you are so very right about redefining Valentine's Day. It makes it much easier in the long run.

  4. What a sweet post Libby! Your dad sounds awesome! I hope you get to see him real soon. I liked Valentine's day as a little girl but when I became an adult I started to see it as a Hallmark holiday. Jim and I just exchange cards and spend time together, but we do not make a big deal about it. :)

  5. this was so sweet. yeah, i remember those roses, or "candy grams" we had in high school, or the affirmation that no one was fawning over you if you did not get one (i'm not bitter, just telling history like it is!) Yeah, my v-day gifts came from my sister and my parents and they were very much appreciated. *sis gave me Godiva chocolate that I put a hurting on* your dad sounds awesome and he definitely showed you what you deserve for v-day so as to never settle. I don't stress about v-day like I used to, but I sometimes act like the surly single for fun. :)

    1. You're right! And let me tell you, Godiva from anyone is pretty amazing as is that chocolate! nom nom nom You should have seen the hurt faces when the snowmagedon interrupted V-day. I mean the chocolate covered strawberry delivery guy can't get his truck through the snow any better than the rest of us. By being trapped in on that day, it really took the "hype" off of the day. I was definitely fine with that. This time I was my mom's valentine and she was mine. :-)


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