Revisiting the Craft Space {Blog + Video}

I finally took a moment's break from the busyness of my life and visited my craft space that's been in progress since last April.  That room will always be special to me because my dad helped me paint it and taught me some valuable lessons along the way.

I've been picking up some thrifted pieces along the way because I'm so ready to actually decorate.  I'm realizing that I can't move as fast as I would want, but there's no harm in taking a few minutes to do a little something for yourself, even in the midst of trials.  So I decided to assemble my storage cubes, but when I saw all the pieces, I decided to make a video instead!  I'll tackle those storage cubes another day.  Earlier in the day.

On another note, I've seem to have caught a cold/sinus thing again.  I was perfectly fine until I went to convention this week.  The hotel/convention center was spectacular and I got a really good nite's sleep in that comfy bed.  Maybe it was the change in temperature, maybe it was something in the air, or maybe it was the 4000 teenagers all around me.  But at any rate, my teacher roommate and one of the chaperones got this sinusy thing while on the trip.  So I'm back to enjoying the pot of chicken and rice soup my mom made for me, trying not to talk (so I won't completely lose my voice), and most of all, trying to get some much needed rest.

Ok, now the video...Enjoy!

Happy Crafting,

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  1. You can do it Libby!!! Just keep plugging away at it. It's going to look fabulous!!!!

  2. You are so lucky to find so much of space for a craft room ..
    It is looking great till now in the video .. Great going :) Good luck

  3. You're very brave to put your unfinished room out there for all to see. So many blogs, everything is airbrushed perfect. I know I don't live an airbrushed life! It's coming along quite nicely!

  4. Again I say -- you are SO CUTE!!! Your room is going to be awesome. P.S. You are so right -- after I had read and prayed, God filled me with His peace, and I went right to sleep :)

  5. An update on the crafts room! It's coming along fabulously! Mine is still white and tan, lol.

    1. Hey, white and tan can work. Check out this video:

  6. Hi Libby, I hope you are feeling better! Another great video. I love the 2 different wall colors. Your workspace is beautiful. I can't wait to see the create letters completed and hung on the wall! Have a great week ahead. ~Val

  7. Great video! Looking forward for the next one.

  8. Thank you for showing us your craft room! It is so inspiring to see how others use their space!


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