Life as I Know It - Weekly Update #31 {Blog + Video}


Sorry guys that I don't have a whole lot to share this week.  Been still trying to recover from the never-ending allergy/sinus thingy.  It's been rainy almost all week and that makes me want to seriously sleep in.  Nevertheless, here's just a little of what's going on....
  • Been drowning in paperwork and data.  I might be able to come up for air soon.  We shall see.
  • Still learning my way around my Macbook.  I feel left-handed and I'm actually right-handed so right now a lot of things feel backwards for me (like the power cord on the left and closing out applications on the left).  I'm still looking for a backspace button, if it even exists, but I'm learning.
  • Co-presenting at a conference next month so I have to get my parts together and practice with the other presenter.
  • Still looking for two pink storage cubes.  I know I'll find them.  :-)
Now I think I'll pull myself out of bed and go do a little work in my craft room.  My wound from putting the shelving together is on the mend, so I think I'll survive.  lol

Ever since the convention I've been so super tired and when I took a day off, it's like my body said, "now I can crash because I have an extra day."  That wasn't what I intended, but anyhoo, this is how I spent my Monday.

Have a fabulous weekend,

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  1. I swear Libby, you just crack me up! I always end up with a smile on my face after watching your videos. Let's not talk about cars and things that need to be fixed. I've had my fill. And PeeWee! Just too cute!!!! I wish I had an Ollies around here to mosey around in. Looks great! Hope your day went well. :)

  2. praying all the crud goes away!!! aren't furry friends the best???

  3. Fun video! This is funny...when I was watching one of your video blogs, I thought my smoke detector was running low on batteries. I was so confused because it is fine. So then I thought to myself, that must be Libby's camera (but it was actually your detector)!!! Great nail colors! Peewee is so cute. :)


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