How To Organize Your Purse {Video}

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Again, I am very thankful to have found an organizational book that is simplified and makes sense to me and fits my needs.  If you recall yesterday's post, I mentioned I was going to start small and organize my purse.  My organizational buddy finished her purse Sunday, but as I had a migraine all day Sunday, that day was out.  However on yesterday, I was able to achieve my task, and yes, I do feel good.

This video has no talking, just visuals, music, and notations so that all my friends, English and non-English speaking can enjoy.  :-)

Special thanks to Jennifer Ford Berry's book, Organize Now!

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  1. Libby.

    Good idea! Today I buy bags with dividers.
    One day I had to spread everything on the table to find a document in the bank.

    1. I've been embarrassed plenty of times. And I hate it when I can't find my keys or my id badge for work. I hope you have fun organizing your purse. :-)

  2. What a cute video! It was like watching a silent film. Your purse did need organizing! LOL. Good job.:)

  3. I don't think it is possible for me to organize my purse. It usually ends up turning into a mess anyway!


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